03 January 2018

"Regime Change"

16 Tevet 5778

The nation, once home to a democratically-elected government and a tolerant and diverse population, became a pariah overnight with the takeover by an extremist religious faction. Their supreme leader, a messiah figure, called for full adherence to religious law. Modesty requirements set back women's rights and same-sex relationships were forbidden. Western culture became taboo. 

"Regime change" was instigated from within by foreign elements who promised support to that part of the population who did not want to live by religious law, even though a sizable portion of the citizenry wanted it.

Is this Iran 2018? Or Israel, after the coming of Mashiach?

If they'd do it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, Iran... They'd do it to us. And our leaders know it well. That's why every decision is made with one eye to Washington.