24 January 2018

Traitors to God, Traitors to Am Yisrael

8 Shevat 5778

Colluding with our enemies. Hamevin yavin.

Working hand-in-hand with the Pope and his emissaries to replace the truth of Judaism with a new world religion inclusive of all, but with Christianity at it's head...
The Elijah Interfaith Institute
The spirit of Elijah is wisdom, inspiration, friendship and hope across religious traditions. Elijah deepens understanding among religions. Elijah’s mission is to foster unity in diversity, creating a harmonious world. Elijah’s message: The world’s great religions radiate wisdom that can heal the world. Deep level spiritual conversation across interreligious lines enriches our inner lives, enhances our prayer and opens our hearts. Discover unity and embrace diversity. We are many and we are one.
...Elijah seeks to create a community of religious leaders, scholars and practitioners from all faiths, who are inspired to find novel ways of sharing the wisdom of their traditions with each other and to create bridges between faith and society.
Elijah recognises the power of sharing wisdom, revealed in its many forms, to foster mutual appreciation, respect, deep friendship and peace between religious communities. We see the creation of the Center of HOPE in Jerusalem as an expression of the power of religion to be a force for peace and harmony.
(See also Elijah Principles of Faith)

Jewish Members of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders

Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron, Israel
Rabbi David Bigman, Israel
Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Israel
Rabbi Menachem HaCohen, Romania
The International Jewish Committee On Interreligious Consultation, USA
Rabbi Arthur Green, USA
Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, Russia
Prof. Rabbi Richard Marker, USA
Rabbi Michael Melchior, Israel
Rabbi David Rosen, Israel (He serves on the permanent bilateral commission of the State of Israel and the Holy See)
Gilla Rosen, Israel
Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, England
Chief Rabbi Shmuel Rene Sirat, France
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, The Netherlands
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, UK

Past Members: Rabbi Eliyahu Yosef She’ar Yashuv Cohen, Israel (1927–2016); Rabbi Mordechai Piron (1921-2014)

Additional Leaders Who have Participated in Elijah Events: Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Israel; Rabbi Joseph Azran, Israel; Rabbi Dr. Naftali Brawer, England; Judith Hertz, USA; Rabbi Daniel Kohn, Israel; Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau; Rabbi Dov Singer, Israel


I've singled out Jonathan Sacks above in order to clue you in to what is really going on here...

(h/t Yaak Former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Major Contributor to Pence Speech

An emissary of the Pope - "Evangelical Catholic" Mike Pence - receiving help from the enemy within to word his speech so as to lure in and snag gullible Jews. R"L! It's working!!

All this "love" of Israel does not translate to love of Judaism as the sole truth in the world. It is part of the web of lies meant to snare and entrap Am Yisrael at the End of Days.


In the future, Esau will wrap himself in a tallis, sit down next to Yakov and say to him, "You are my brother"....Yakov will say to him, "My brother, you will not be like me. I will lead you to death, I will be the pestilence that leads you to Sheol (Hoshea 13,14). Had I upheld decrees that you promulgated against me, I would have been guilty at the eyes of Heaven. Had I violated them, you would have killed me (Yalkut Shimoni, Yirmiahu 333).

"That was Esau's intention when he told Yakov, 'Let us travel together and I will go before you' (Genesis 33,12). He wanted them to join together in both this world and the world to come, to meet each other halfway, with each modifying his conduct until they were alike (Yalkut Shimoni, Genesis 133).


Are YOU willing to meet Eisav halfway??? The Final Birur will separate between those who are willing to betray their God and their people and those who are not.