22 January 2018

VP's Visit: It Makes One Wonder

7 Shevat 5778

Today, in his speech before Israel's Knesset, Vice President Mike Pence made several references to Jerusalem as Israel's capital, to much applause from the Israelis. One key word, however, was not included and that is "undivided,' as in Israel's undivided capital. In fact, during his visit with King Abdullah of Jordan on Sunday, VP Pence reiterated the words of President Trump...

Pence defends Trump's Jerusalem choice to Jordan's King

  • The borders of what constitutes "Jerusalem" are still up for negotiation.
  • The present status quo on the Temple Mount will be maintained.
  • The US remains "committed" to a Two-State Solution
And he repeated it yet again in the Knesset, so there should be no mistaken impressions. It makes one wonder whether people only hear what they want to hear.

Of note, the media is making much of the fact that VP Pence is being treated like, and being accorded the honors due to, a head of state. It makes one wonder. 

Despite President Trump's denials that the US Embassy will move to Jerusalem in 2019, VP Mike Pence insists that it will. It makes one wonder who really has the final word between these two. I've never known a more visible VP. It makes one wonder...

News Report on Pence's Arrival in Israel

What one need not wonder about, however, is VP Mike Pence's commitment to his Christian faith and to his fellow believers around the world. Any attempt on Israel's part to curtail or eliminate missionary activity in Israel will certainly not be tolerated under this American administration. Not if VP Mike Pence has any say in the matter.

Pence Addresses Israeli Knesset on Faith

In this instance, I'm in agreement with the Arabs. Yankee go home!