14 November 2016

"Never on Sunday"

13 Marcheshvan 5777

It irks the Pope to no end that the Jews rule in Jerusalem and the Holy Land and that the Jewish Shabbat is elevated above the Christian Sunday. In fact, Sunday is just the first day of the work week in Israel - as the Creator intended it should be.

Since at least 2008, the Vatican has been pushing a worldwide Sunday observance, appealing to the public on the basis of it being a special time for families to be together.
  • "The Catholic Church wants Sunday observance enshrined in EU law. The European Parliament is debating changes to its Working Time Directive. The Vatican wants a clause in this law that would force every citizen in the European Union to rest on Sunday...."
  • "Using the economic crisis to press for Sunday legislation, the European Conference of Catholic Bishops, or COMECE, and the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) and the Church of England hailed a February 2, 2009 initiative to introduce a written declaration into the House that would protect Sunday as a day of rest in Europe...." 
  • The North Dakota Catholic Conference has responded to criticism of a law restricting Sunday hours for businesses, saying the regulation benefits the whole of society. “The purpose of North Dakota’s Sunday closing law is not to impose times of worship. Nor is it to demand adherence to religious doctrine. The purpose of the law is to preserve the common good by ensuring that society is not overtaken by work and profit,” wrote Christopher Dodson, executive director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference, in a July 12 article.
  • ...the Pope continued, "it is necessary to promote reflection and efforts at reconciling the demands and the periods of work with those of the family and to recover the true meaning of the feast, especially on Sunday,  the weekly Easter, THE DAY OF THE LORD and the day of man, the day of the family, of the community, and of solidarity." 
It's my belief that this Vatican agenda is what's behind the push in Israel for "Sundays off".
Note that the articles make clear this "6 Sundays" is only an interim measure to get Israelis used to the idea. It's just another sign of the Head of evil Eisav trying to undermine Jews and Judaism - and in our own land!! And who will protest??? All people see is a day off from work. They just don't think about consequences or where it could lead - like to increased Shabbat desecration as half-day Fridays are phased out in favor of Sunday, leaving Jews with no time to prepare for Shabbat.