28 November 2016

Genetic Memory and Jew Hatred

27 Marcheshvan 5777

Did you know that the soul has a genetic code in similar fashion to the body's DNA? If you have read Ramchal on "roots and branches", you can easily begin to understand the concept of genetic memory.
Derech Hashem, Part II, Ch. 4, Secs.2-4:
Before Adam sinned, he was on a much higher level than contemporary man,.... In that state, man was on a very lofty level, fit for a high degree of eternal excellence. If he had not sinned, man would have simply been able to elevate and perfect himself, step by step.
He would have then given birth to future generations while still in that state of excellence. ...All these future generations would have then shared this good with Adam.
...Some generations would have been primary, while others would be secondary, like roots and branches. Later generations would stem from earlier ones [and share their characteristics], like branches stemming from a tree.
...When Adam sinned, he fell from his original high level, and brought upon himself a great degree of darkness and insensitivity.... Mankind in general also fell from its original height, and remained on a degraded level where it was not at all worthy of the eternal high degree of excellence originally destined for it.
...and it was in this state that children were born into the world. They were therefore all born into this degraded state.
...God gave Adam's descendants a free choice at that time to strengthen themselves and strive to elevate themselves from this lower state and regain the higher level.
The Higher Wisdom...set a time limit for these generations. In a way, this is very much like the time limit now given to each individual. Every individual has a limited lifetime and it is during this period of time that he must attain both perfection and his level in the Community of the Future World.... The reason in both these cases is that everything that involves effort must be limited in time.
The Higher Wisdom deemed it fitting that this effort be divided into a period for the roots, and another for the branches.
...The human race initially had a chance to permanently regain its original state and rectify the spiritual damage that had been done. The proper procedure would have been for the roots and heads of Adam's descendants to first elevate themselves to the rectified level. Once this was accomplished, both the roots and their branches would remain in this state forever, since the branches always follow the roots.
[This] time...was limited. During this period, the gate was open and the opportunity existed for any individual to properly prepare himself and permanently become a good and worthy root. He would then be prepared for a high degree of excellence, appropriate for man in his original state, rather than that of man in his fallen state.
Since this individual would perfect himself as a Root, he would attain this for his deserving descendants* as well as for himself. They would all receive what he attained, and would therefore all be able to remain on the level and state attained by him as their root.
...Man's measure was filled, however, in the Generation of Separation [when the Tower of Bavel was built]. God's Attribute of Justice then decreed that the time when men could be considered roots should come to a close.
...God then scrutinized all mankind, perceiving the levels that should be made permanent in that generation's members according to their deeds. These things then became a permanent part of their nature in their aspect as roots. It was thus decreed they each should bear future generations, all possessing the qualities that were deemed appropriate for their root ancestor.
The descendants of each of these individuals were thus divided into permanent groupings, each with its own characteristics and limitations. They were destined to father future generations who would inherit these characterstics, just as members of any particular species inherit the characteristics of their forebears.
According to the Highest Judgment, it turned out that none of them deserved to rise above the degraded level to which Adam and his children had fallen as a result of their sin....
There was, however, one exception, and that was Avraham. He had succeeded in elevating himself, and as a result of his deeds was chosen by God. Avraham was therefore permanently made into a superior excellent Tree, conforming to man's highest level. It was further provided that he would be able to produce branches [and father a nation] possessing his charcteristics.
The world was then divided into seventy nations, each with its own particular place in the general scheme. All of them, however, remained on the level of man in his fallen state, while only Israel was in the elevated state.
After this, the gate was closed on the era of roots. Things would then be directed and brought about upon individuals as branches, each one according to his nature.
...God's great love and goodness decreed that the branches of other nations still be given a chance. If they so desired, they still had the free choice to tear themselves loose from their own roots, and through their own actions include themselves among the branches of Avraham's family.
This is what God meant when He told Avraham (Bereshis 12:3), "All the families of the earth will be blessed through you." Avraham was thus made the father of all converts.
[This, however, would require effort on the part of the individuals concerned.] Without such effort, they would remain attached to their own roots and retain their natural characteristics.
*For his deserving descendants - in the case of Avraham Avinu, we are talking about Yitzchak and Ya'aqov. Yishmael and Eisav were found not to be deserving. Therefore, it is more than a bit interesting that it is precisely these two who created competitor religions which challenge Ya'aqov's descendants' worthiness to succeed Avraham Avinu.

Which brings us to the second part - Jew hatred. Eisav's hatred of his brother Ya'aqov has been passed down genetically to his descendants, ergo "Eisav soneh et Ya'aqov" is as true today as it ever was and will be until the entire world is rectified. The Jew must never ever forget that!

For the moment, most of Eisav's blazing hatred has found a target in Yishmael, but the time is fast approaching when they will set their differences aside for the sake of joining forces in an attempt to rid the world of their {perceived) common enemy - Ya'aqov - once and for all. 

That knowledge should make every Jew sit up and take notice of this news item:
Mosques Get Threatening Letters: Trump Will ‘Do To You Muslims What Hitler Did To The Jews’
...“You Muslims are a vile and filthy people. Your fathers are dogs,” the letter states. “You are evil. You worship the devil. But, your day of reckoning has arrived.”
The letter went on to say that Muslims “would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge.”
...The letter, which was signed “Americans for a Better Way,” ended with “long live President Trump and God bless the USA.”
Jew hatred is part of the genetic memory and genetic make-up of probably most gentiles to greater or lesser degrees. While it went underground for a season, it is resurfacing now and all the "allowed" hatred of Muslims has primed the pump so to speak for it to be turned on the Jews (again) in the future. 

Never let your guard down.