17 November 2016

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

16 Marcheshvan 5777

"Donald Trump is King Cyrus."
"Donald Trump is King Achashverosh."
"Donald Trump is Eisav."
"Donald Trump is Mashiach Ben Yosef."
"Donald Trump is Mashiach Ben David."

These claims are actually being made across the Jewish blogosphere. Take your pick. Or maybe you have your own idea of who or what Donald Trump represents.

I have a thought that hasn't been expressed yet, at least not to my knowledge. And my "proofs" are every bit as imaginative as those used to back up these other claims. Who knows, the readers may find some merit in it.

As my first exhibit I bring Donald Trump's penthouse...

With his hopes set on moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after a victory in the 2016 Presidential election, Trump’s exquisite New York City penthouse might be a little harder to leave than he imagined.
Worth $100 million and inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the gold and diamond front door opens to a beautiful interior wrapped from floor to ceiling in Trump’s favorite gold and marble décor. The ceiling features Greek mythology paintings throughout the penthouse but the best view is from the oversized windows that feature a breathtaking landscape of Central Park.
Did we mention how much Trump likes gold? Nearly everything in the penthouse from the platters and vases to the lamps and even the crown molding is accentuated with 24 karat gold that offers a gorgeous backdrop to some of Trump’s favorite classical art and décor. Without shying away from personal touches like family portraits and crested pillows, the home has a strong Greek influence with Athenian style vases, a bronze statue of Eros and Psyche as well as a painting of Apollo led by Aurora, the goddess of dawn. (Source)
Remind you of anything? Besides being made of gold, it symbolizes materialism in its starkest, most basic terms. Yes, it's the Eigel HaZahav - the Golden Calf. 

That's who I think Donald Trump is. 

The whole world which supports him views him as some sort of "savior". Since "Moshe" (Mashiach) has been delayed and who knows when or if he will ever show up, they need this man as a substitute. He's going to lead them back to Egypt - "Make America Great Again!"

What they failed to understand in the desert, is that Moshe's delay was a test equal to that of Adam and Chava in Gan Eden. Strike one, strike two.... And here we all are again. Are we making the same mistake now?

Have people so given up on Mashiach's coming that they are ready to accept an inferior substitute - a man who represents everything the Golden Calf stands for???

Celebrate his election at your own peril.