13 November 2016

And The Rioting Began On The Anniversary Of Kristallnacht

12 Marsheshvan 5777

Thousands march in U.S. cities against Trump presidency

...The biggest rallies were in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, where organizers said they wanted to build on the momentum after several nights of protests triggered by the real-estate mogul's surprise win in Tuesday's presidential election.

In New York, several thousand protesters marched peacefully up Fifth Avenue past its glitzy store fronts, some already bearing Christmas decorations, before filling the streets at the foot of Trump Tower, the president-elect's skyscraper home.

"We're horrified the country has elected an incredibly unqualified, misogynist, racist on a platform that was just totally hateful," said Mary Florin-McBride, 62, a retired banker from New York who held a sign reading, "No Fascism in America."

There were also demonstrations in Chicago and Los Angeles, where several thousand protesters gathered beneath MacArthur Park's palm trees holding placards including "Dump Trump" and "Minorities Matter," before marching toward downtown.

Four nights in a row. It's all orchestrated, but for all we know, the plan is to orchestrate a growth in numbers and violence until martial law will be declared. OR... If Debka's report is accurate, maybe Iran will be goaded into acting pre-emptively before Trump can take office.

Anything can happen, but for sure it won't be anything "good".