08 November 2016

There Is "Something" Out There and It Is Coming!

Over Israel - 8/11/16 at 10am
7 Marcheshvan 5777

Of course, there was no attack yesterday in the US as hyped. But, it did provide a reasonable excuse for the placement of security forces and measures. Just like the hype about World War 3 is an excuse for Europe and Russia to do the same - to openly prepare for Nibiru's arrival while making people think it is something else entirely. In the end, I think we will see that it didn't matter who was elected president of the US because it's very likely that the US (as we know it today) will no longer exist in the very near future.

A lot of people understood that the entire election process this time was like a big show put on as a distraction. And boy, did it work! Right down to the wire with Hillary's emails.

Last Friday, I speculated that if Nibiru caused the Great Flood in Noah's time, it may return during the same month that it did then. THIS month!

This year, 17 Marcheshvan falls out on Friday, 18 November 2016. If, as it is explained, the rain began a week after Noah, his family and the creatures entered the ark, it means they were sealed in on 10 Marcheshvan. Makes one wonder if the elites are planning to enter their bunkers on Friday, 11 November 2016 - a mere three days following the historic US presidential election and one week from today.

If this sounds too outrageous to you, then please explain to me why John Kerry would be going to Antarctica the day before the election. "He'll be there from the 10th to the 12th."

(h/t Observer)

It seems to be a given that no matter how the election goes, civil strife will follow. Add a collapsing stock market to the mix and you have a recipe for an engineered societal breakdown that will nicely cover the escape of the elites to their bunkers.

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