10 November 2014

Unity Without Torah

18 Marcheshvan 5775

More and more it looks like this new "one-world" religion which brings all faiths together without requiring any of them to give up their false beliefs is the big birur. This issue is clarifying who is united around Torah and who is not. Only those who bend their will to that of the Creator's as expressed in the Book which He entrusted to Am Yisrael will be able to rally to Mashiach when he arrives. The rest are enemies of truth.

From Jerusalem Peacemakers:

Prayer for Peace: Next to the Temple Mount/Al Aqsa

...Join us for a multi-faith prayer for peace gathering, this Tuesday evening, November 11, 2014. With tensions and religiously motivated violence in Jerusalem making the news, now is the time to come together. Muslims, Christians, Jews, and peoples of all faith/secular communities, are invited to come together in a spirit of harmony and share prayers from the heart for the peace of Jerusalem, Holy Land and world.. for sanity to prevail!
The Abrahamic Reunion held a successful day of events in Tsfat/Safed, Galilee on Wednesday, Feb. 6th 2013, to honor World Interfaith Harmony Day.  The Abrahamic Reunion brought Muslim, Christian and Druze leaders together with Orthodox Jews from Tsfat for a discussion with the Chief Rabbi of Tsfat, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu in his home, ...