27 November 2014

"Under the Nations' Rule" - Q and A

5 Kislev 5775


Communication with Binyamin
 in Jerusalem,  16 Cheshvan 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

"Under the Nations' Rule" - Questions and Answers

The Riots in Jerusalem

Q. Is the rule for nine months mentioned by the prophets speaking about Yishmael or Edom?

A. We don't know, but I would say Edom. That we are feeling that it is Yishmael who is taking over [is because] there are those who want a situation like this, that we will think that 'Yishmael is taking over', that the pere adam is taking over and that we need to receive, to give support to these 'darlings', these soldiers with all the guns and helmets, etc. who come from Europe, etc. - that they will surely save us from the perei adam Yishmaelim.

But, they are the ones who are sending and making this whole scenario - the messes of these perei adam Arabs. And they really are perei adam [man-like animals], but they have no real power, really they have no power, the power of a country, with an army, etc. Because if they will start to bomb them seriously, they're not bombing them seriously, it's all a game, but, if they were to bomb them seriously - it'd be finished in a second!

[And this is also why the Israeli government always stops just short of finishing the job!]

But, they continue with it once more, and more and more and more...until they overpower them, until they wear them out and then Edom will rule.

And all the armies in the world today, in western lands - they all look the same. [See below.] They all look like Nazis. Look at them, they really look like Nazi soldiers. But, what's the only difference? They have much more elaborate equipment, that's all.

Q. Are you saying that they are creating it so that we will need them to 'save us', the soldiers of foreign countries...

A. That's exactly what is happening in all the lands, in Egypt, in Libya, in all the lands. Except that, in Egypt, he resisted, but, in any case, he's also not in an easy situation. But, they put in their own people this way, nobody asked permission 'yes or no'. They're simply in a position of weakness there, so they could come in. Meanwhile, they're getting the Arabs to kill each other.

Q. That all the wars are around the Temple Mount, is it not a sign that Mashiach is getting closer?

A. It's very interesting what is happening on the Temple Mount. Because all the nations want it. The Catholic Christians made an agreement with the Arabs sitting on Har Habayit that the Catholics will take Mount Zion and they [the Arabs] will take Har Habayit. That's a big laugh! Do you think the Edomim will let the Arabs sit on the Temple Mount for long?... And in general, what is there for the Arabs with the Temple Mount? In general - nothing. It's all nonsense. And the Christians know: whoever rules the Temple Mount - rules. Without any doubt, they're not going to let the Arabs rule there. But, meanwhile, there will be a bit more quiet for them to operate the way they want. You should know one thing: no one has any intention of letting the Jews have Har Habayit. Except for HKB"H. But, Hashem doesn't intend it for now, it's not for now, it's for when Mashiach comes and builds the Beit Hamikdash. The gentiles want to build a temple, Hashem protect us, G-d forbid, on Har Habayit, but it will be something else, it won't exactly be a Catholic church, it will be some kind of church to avodah zarah, Hashem protect us. But, with G-d's help - it won't be. Hashem won't allow it to be.

[If you have any doubts at all about their intentions, just take a look at this video:]

 "Solomon's Temple in Brazil - A Landmark for the Whole World"

[Questions and Answers to be continued, b"H]

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