04 November 2014

Choosing Sides

11 Marcheshvan 5775

It seems to me that every major event these days involves choosing a side - Torah and Halachah vs. Human Feeling and Reasoning. When you look at what motivates a person to choose which side of an issue they support, it's one of these two.

Those who make their choice based on Torah and Halachah are willing to conform their own will to that of Hashem's. The others are not God-centered. They are self-centered and put their own feelings and reasoning above that of the revealed will of God as it is expressed in Torah and Halachah.

It was interesting to see who fell on which side of the conversion bill debate. Elazar Stern of Tsipi Livni's  Hatenua party was the sponsor of the bill, so from this starting point, you already know that it's bad for the "Jews". Oh, and it was co-sponsored by Naftali Bennett of the ironically named Jewish Home party.

Look who opposed...

Housing Minister Uri Ariel
United Torah Judaism
Chief Rabbis
Rabbi Chaim Druckman

Some of those in favor...

Tsipi Livni
Yair Lapid
Avigdor Lieberman
Naftali Bennett
Reform Movement
Conservative Movement
The Tzohar Organization
Natan Sharansky and
The Jewish Agency

And this one was a surprise...

Feiglin Pleased with Modified Giyur Bill

"MK Moshe Feiglin stated in his opinion, the modified version of the Giyur Bill approved by the cabinet on Sunday 9 Marcheshvan is in line with halacha. He praised the cabinet decision to pass the bill, calling the latter a “good bill”. 

It might interest you to know that ads inviting non-Jews to convert have already begun running on the radio. There seems to be a fire-sale on to get rid of as much Yiddishkeit and Holy Land as possible.