05 November 2014

"Hashem is With Me, I Have No Fear"

12 Marcheshvan 5775


Communication with Binyamin
 in Jerusalem,  27 Tishrei 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

"Hashem is With Me,  I Have No Fear"

I'm very happy because I already feel the end of this difficult world. I really feel the complete redemption already. I breathe deeply and I feel the cleanliness of the air of the new world, the world of Mashiach. I already feel upon my face the breeze of truth, but we haven't arrived there yet. And even though I feel it - I don't feel it all the time.

We have many more things to get through. And I want to say to Am Yisrael: Hashem is the Almighty and only Hashem. This is the whole message: Hashem is the Almighty and don't let go of Hashem. Hashem is the singular reality in the world and there's no other reality. And whatever or whomever is not connected to Him - it has no reality in this world, it has no life, it has no identity, it has no existence!

And don't forget: Everything is HKB"H. And a real-Jew and also, a gentile who understands all this: We are part of HKB"H. It's not "us and Him". We belong to His unity, to the One. And we have to be, to live according to the Torah, and to be what Hashem wants us to be, because if not - it simply doesn't work, it's not proper. It's [otherwise] impossible to be one with HKB"H!

And what is the complete redemption? It's that we come closer to being one with HKB"H. Indeed, we already are, but it's not yet complete enough, not wholly. And we will go up more and more and more until we will be simply 'part', an integral part always, for eternity. This will be the greatest pleasure in the world.

Now, we are going through the hardest things, and we need trust. We need not to fear. And whoever feels one with Hashem - he has no fear! Not afraid of persons... not afraid from the weather... not afraid from various illnesses, we shouldn't know... not afraid of anything. Because nothing can bother us if Hashem doesn't want. And if Hashem allows it - 
there's a reason, whether it's, G-d forbid, a punishment, a difficult trial, we shouldn't know, or whether it's to give us a reward for being good children... It doesn't matter what, it's all from Hashem. Everything is for our good. And if we can only succeed in overcoming our fear and our despair and just accept wholeheartedly, in full logic, that it's the best for us, then we will come out of this, we'll come out of it somehow. We'll suffer and we'll come out of it. Because, all the suffering - it won't last forever. It will disappear. The suffering will disappear for all the real-Jews, it's temporary. And afterwards - it's good, it's easy, it's a feeling of wholeness.

And now, we are going to go through hard things like we told you, and again I say to you, I have no other message: Just don't be afraid! Try to have a little energy. You shouldn't go from chair to chair saying 'I have no strength'... Get up and do for the sake of Am Yisrael, get up and do for the sake of HKB"H. Even though you forget whether you said 'Shema Yisrael' that day, or forgot whether you really said the brachot. It's really very disturbing, but it's because of the situation. The heavy and confusing situation.

We need to continue to fight, continue with all our strength to fight against the Yetzer HaRa, against his trying to throw us down, against the Sitra Achra who is trying to make us despondent. He wants us to feel like we have no hope, G-d forbid. But, we have. We have a future, and we have hope, and we have eternity. We just need to fight against the Yetzer HaRa who is trying to take us down to zero.

We need to fight. We need to know that when we will get up on our feet and fight against the fear, and accept HKB"H and the truth and try to live according to it - then it will be much easier for us. But, if we will settle on the floor and say: 'I have no strength'... and, 'I have no desire'... and 'everything is against us'... then it will be much harder to raise ourselves up and drag ourselves in the direction of truth, in the direction of HKB"H, in the direction of eternity. But, Hashem will force us, He will pressure us to do it if we won't do it alone, if we won't do it in happiness and with great desire.

Prepare for a hard situation, especially in the world, but it will also be hard for us here. They're leaving us a bit to the end, even though also here there are already difficult problems. The world is upside down. The wide world is really upside down. It's full of violence, murder the most horrible way, and all kinds of unspeakable and indescribable things, unusually cruel. And very large shows. Trying to convince us that there is a danger, which in fact is not a real danger even though you can die from it.

So, therefore - don't be afraid! Hold on to the hand, so to speak, of HKB"H and don't leave our Father in Heaven. Don't leave Him for a moment. And we'll get through it smoothly, and there's nothing... there's nothing.... there's nothing to fear. There's nothing to fear. Just don't be afraid. Be with Hashem in calm and happiness. And don't forget: 'Ayn od milevado'...There is nothing other than Him alone. He's the Almighty, He's our Father, He's everything for our sake. He's everything. That's it. Period.

[Questions and Answers to follow, iy"H]