10 November 2014

Har Habayit

17 Marcheshvan 5775

I feel the need to respond to an article I just read at Yeshiva World News.

Rav Dovid Yosef to PM Netanyahu: Close Har Habayis to Jews!

1.  Jews have been ascending Har Habayit for years, so this is not the cause of the current round of violence in Jerusalem. It actually began with the kidnapping and murder of the three yeshivah bachurim in the summer.

2.  Banning Jews from Har Habayit will not satisfy the world or bring peace to Jerusalem. The world also insists we give the entire Old City over completely to them (which includes the Kotel) and also stop building in Jewish neighborhoods and even give those back as well. It is the building of apartments that they complain about the most, not Jews going on Har Habayit.

3.  No less than the Rambam ascended Har Habayit and made a celebratory meal on the yearly anniversary thereafter. Apparently, he did not believe it was "equal to eating on Yom Kippur" or that his prayers were "to'eva" to Hashem.

4.  If Har Habayit is to be closed, then it must be closed to EVERYONE! Not just Jews.

However, all that said, individual Jews ascending to Har Habayit or campaigns to share it with other religions is not the answer to this problem. We must stand steadfast on the truth that we must one day have a Torah-based government which will administer the will of G-d in this most holy place.

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