30 November 2014

"Under the Nations' Rule" - Q and A (Pt 2)

9 Kislev 5775


Communication with Binyamin
 in Jerusalem,  16 Cheshvan 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

"Under the Nations' Rule" - Questions and Answers

Upheaval in the World (Excerpts)

Q. This situation shows clearly that there's nothing to lean on, because what could have prevented these things [i.e. terror attacks]?  Only Hashem can save us! So, they put concrete blocks... they've lost their minds.

A. Good, because of it they will want to bring in soldiers from other places. Their goal - it's to make as much violence as possible, as many injured and killed people as possible, so that we will surrender to their demands.

Seventy years have passed since the second world war. We've gone through two world wars. Within forty-five years there were two world wars which killed millions, millions of people! Cruelty that is impossible to describe. And not just to the Jews, but to the gentiles as well.

In any case, after all this destruction, a world arose that seemed like it was going to be better... more humane... more concerned with the disadvantaged... But, it turned instead into hell on earth. Not even 'hell', but something much worse than hell. So, it's the end, there's no question about it. The end is very near. And the situation is going to get worse - like we said this year. And it's already happening. And from Pesach - it will be very, very much worse, by huge percentages. So I say again to you: until Pesach - it will be a world that will be impossible to recognize at all.


Q. Rumors claim that America is really facing a financial collapse... And then it wil be like a snowball passing over the whole world...

A. Meanwhile, they wait so they can earn another drop and another drop and another drop. And it's not such a 'drop', they simply withdrew the majority of the world's wealth and from here it will fall. And in all likelihood, there will be some kind of 'something big' that they will be able to say that because of it - it all fell.

Q. And then they will surely accuse the Jews...

A. To our great sorrow, there are among them Jews as well. I don't know if it will be blamed on the Jews. It may be that it will be the beginning of the world war, the hard part of the third world war. Indeed, also now it is most difficult for whoever is living in places where war is being waged.

Q. So, what is expected to happen, that the money won't be worth anything, or that there won't be money at all?

A. I don't know exactly. I only know: it will be 'broke'.


Q. You all said that at Purim, the wicked one will fall...

A. Haman. Yes, Haman will fall, that's for sure. But, we will have much harder situations than today and we will know clearly that we are within the end of the birth of the complete redemption.

Q. [Paraphrased] What are the most important things we should be doing now?

A. People need to understand that Mashiach is a real thing and that he will soon be here, and what is happening in the world - we need to understand that it is happening only for the sake of the Jews, for the sake of returning them in repentance.

And when Mashiach will arrive, they will be able to continue to ascend, and continue to flourish, and continue the process of creation. Because, ever since this world was created - Hashem is building, and building, and building this process, to bring us to be one with Him. And this now will pass from the current situation of This-World that is so hard, so deep, to the World-to-Come of Mashiach. And the process of creation will continue to go. And in this process, eventually - it will be much higher than I can explain further.

Q. In practice - what should we work on?

A. Kedoshim tihiyu - "Be Holy."

Q. In what respect?

A. In everything. A Jew needs to be holy. He needs to watch and safeguard himself so as not to be a part of the sleaze that exists in this world. The most important thing - to put barriers between us and this world. Everything is in a hard situation, and people are beginning to catch on because very many people are seeing how 'broke' we are, what problems we have, how we've lost our Judaism with all kinds of superficial and stupid things. Why is there all this goyishness, all the lack of holiness? Because we don't have the way of the Torah.