06 November 2014

"Hashem is With Me, I Have No Fear" - Q and A

13 Marcheshvan 5775


Communication with Binyamin
 in Jerusalem,  27 Tishrei 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]

"Hashem is With Me,  I Have No Fear" - [Excerpts from Questions and Answers]

Q. Regarding the future, the winter that is before us, what's going to be?

A. This winter - it will be winter, Hashem yishmor. And it's already so, only we don't understand this, because it doesn't exactly touch on us now. But, the moment it arrives in England, Europe, Russia, China, etc., and in the US, of course, then it'll already be just a very short time until Israel. So, I warn you that when it begins on a large scale - it'll go chik-chok. It doesn't take a lot of time to send a missile. They won't send a missile to the direction of the US, etc., they'll simply send it upwards to the atmosphere and it goes up and comes down precisely. In seconds.

Q. When will be here the rule of the foreigners with their new religion?

A. It'll come. We don't need to know everything. I can't explain more because I don't know more. I know that the evildoers want Eretz Yisrael in order to sit here. Will they have exactly time to do all that they want - this I don't know. But, it could be that they will have time to sit here and drive us crazy. But, maybe not. I don't know exactly. I know that there will be not-a-small mess here in the Land. I can't explain more.

Q. It's publicized that they approved the Vatican to build a large church in a field next to Kever David...

A. Hellooo... In a little bit there will be a 'Second Vatican' here. Just wait. This monastery - Hashem yishmor, they're already controlling all of Mount Zion. And the Arabs, they're idiots, they think that they [the Xians] will let them sit on the Temple Mount... They also want the Temple Mount! So, they [the Arabs] just made an agreement with them that they [the Xians] will take Mount Zion and they [the Arabs] will take the Temple Mount. Dividing up Jerusalem and Eretz Yisrael like they are the owners here. But, Hashem will teach them.

Q. The people in charge there are saying that everything already belongs to the Xians, the whole mount - it's closed.

A. I told you, it's the 'Second Vatican,' you don't understand?!

Q. Do we expect a war between Edom and Yishmael?

A. They're already making war. Again, I say: The moment they make the war for real, this war -it will take something like what the GR"A said: 12, 13, 15 minutes...

Q. Minutes?

A. Minutes! It's not a problem to send a missile. Again, I say to you, it's not a missile that goes from here to there above ground level [ICBM], it travels up and comes down below, and it's seconds. Understand? It goes up and comes down in place! The planet is round, so it goes up and comes down in place. And it takes half the time... and it's very precise.

Q. When will this State finally be finished...

A. The State of Israel, the 'Knesset' and all that, they are on the verge of falling because already they have no plan, they have nothing. There are many embarrassments, many scandals, many harsh things that they are accused of. Most people in general already don't rely on any of them. So, therefore, it's already not Zionism, it's not anything, it's just a mess, and in a little bit - it'll fall.

To clarify the missile possibility...

...Military experts say that Iran has been involved in conducting mid-air detonations which are critical to acquire the EMP effect. The tests were linked in with the launching of the Iranian Shahab III from the deck of a ship and then exploding the warhead in mid-air.

Experts say that there really is no other reason to test for such mid-air explosions except to develop an EMP weapon.

...“For assessment purposes, a SCUD class missile launched from a nearby offshore location might reach a height of about 100 kilometers, sufficient to encompass within its effects footprint most of the eastern seaboard, with its great density of people and infrastructure,”....


If the Iranians could do it to the US, why not the US, Europe, Russia and China all at the same time???