22 January 2012

March time frame

28 Tevet 5772

The March time frame comes up again in a new report from Debkafile:

Panetta: USS Enterprise carrier group to transit Hormuz in March
Three weeks after Tehran threatened action against any US aircraft carrier entering the Strait of Hormuz, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta disclosed Sunday, Jan. 22, that the USS Enterprise Carrier Strike Group is heading for the Persian Gulf and would steam through the strategic strait in March. This was a direct message to Tehran that the US would continue to deploy ships there.

...debkafile's Washington sources note that Panetta was the first high-ranking administration official to give Tehran an ultimatum: Accept the American offer to negotiate terms for halting your nuclear weapon program, or face up to America's mighty fleet of American aircraft carriers.
"Our view is that the carriers, because of their presence, because of the power they represent, are a very important part of our ability to maintain power projection both in the Pacific and in the Middle East," said the defense secretary.

His statement gave Iran a time frame for responding to the US ultimatum, just over a month. If by March, Tehran has not accepted the offer to negotiate, President Barack Obama will order the Enterprise to sail through the Strait of Hormuz.


  1. Tzvi bar-Lieb23/1/12 8:30 AM

    so war gog magog start ahadr

  2. Or not. From Yahoo news this morning:

    Carrier sails through Strait of Hormuz

    "Amid heightened tensions with Iran, the USS Abraham Lincoln maneuvers into the Persian Gulf."

  3. i dont think any news from US is trustworthy. its just an eye wash. to fool the world they are going strong on iran. every president has delayed this and now look at where we are.