18 January 2012

EMP coming your way?

23 Tevet 5772

The last message from Daniel includes some details which were also mentioned before in earlier messages of the autistic children.

HKB”H will slaughter the eigel hazahav before our eyes. Whoever loves his cell phone will see that it doesn’t work, it’s just a hunk of plastic. And whoever loves his car will see that it isn’t able to move. Whoever is happy about the money he has in the bank will see that it disappeared. And whoever is waiting for his pension will discover that it was deleted. Whoever needs to go to the doctor will discover that the office is closed. And whoever loves his money will discover that it’s worthless. Whoever is thirsty will see that there’s no water in the faucet. And whoever will go to the grocery will find that the grocery is empty.

This perfectly describes what would happen in the event of an attack which results in an electromagnetic pulse - a weapon uniquely capable of "slaughtering the eigel hazahav."

And whoever trusts in HKB”H will have everything: food, bed, Temple, eternity. And whoever doesn’t trust in HKB”H won’t have anything.

We should be preparing ourselves now - mentally, emotionally and spiritually - to deal with this event.