18 January 2012

EMP coming your way?

23 Tevet 5772

The last message from Daniel includes some details which were also mentioned before in earlier messages of the autistic children.

HKB”H will slaughter the eigel hazahav before our eyes. Whoever loves his cell phone will see that it doesn’t work, it’s just a hunk of plastic. And whoever loves his car will see that it isn’t able to move. Whoever is happy about the money he has in the bank will see that it disappeared. And whoever is waiting for his pension will discover that it was deleted. Whoever needs to go to the doctor will discover that the office is closed. And whoever loves his money will discover that it’s worthless. Whoever is thirsty will see that there’s no water in the faucet. And whoever will go to the grocery will find that the grocery is empty.

This perfectly describes what would happen in the event of an attack which results in an electromagnetic pulse - a weapon uniquely capable of "slaughtering the eigel hazahav."

And whoever trusts in HKB”H will have everything: food, bed, Temple, eternity. And whoever doesn’t trust in HKB”H won’t have anything.

We should be preparing ourselves now - mentally, emotionally and spiritually - to deal with this event.


  1. It does sound like the effects of an EMP blast, and yes things would change in the blink of an eye. I hope that Daniel and Co. are wrong about not being able to help others. Those of us with stronger emuna can help those without to find it, if possible.

    I'm ready for this world of lies to finish already. Bring on the truth. May Hashem have mercy on us.

  2. I can't believe there are people seemingly wishing for this: please consider people with pacemakers. One thing is being disgusted with the misuse of electronics, but looking forward to an EMP blast?

  3. Is this the same Daniela that just finished with the dustup over at Shirat Devorah last week?

    I haven't read anyone disgusted with the use of electronics here. What are you talking about?

    I'm looking forward to the day that we'll all be doing Hashem's bidding. Aren't you?

  4. Years ago, before the USA presidential election in November of 2008, I was invited to the Agudath Convention in Chicago. My boss said that he really wanted to book a tremendous speaker that would draw lots of people. I forget his name, but he worked for the CIA. He was slated to become head of the CIA if the Republicans won, and he said if Obama gets in, he was quitting because he knew (they all knew) what Obama was going to do.

    I had a chance to talk to him afterwards and brought up the topic of EMPs. He absolutely reacted! He said that this is a very very real threat of this country, that we are absolutely not ready for any such thing, and that yes, great numbers of people would died - we are just not prepared to handle it and the government here would prefer to keep people in the dark (literally)! I guess that is why there are growing numbers of people here looking into survivalist techniques and moving out of large cities. We really do need to be mindful of all this and prepare in all ways. Thanks Devash, for bringing this topic up!

  5. Aren't we already doing Hashem's bidding? When there will be Moshiach, we will see him, in the meantime, we have to do what we have to do. I wish Moshiach to come in peace and I am appalled anyone looks forward to an EMP blast, which would kill people on life support and people with a pacemaker. Anyone else won't be affected and most electronics would survive.
    My email is available on my profile.

  6. Daniela, you think the people who made these videos are "looking forward" to an EMP attack? Do you think that when the prophets warned Am Yisrael about the exile and the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash that they were "looking forward" to it?

  7. Why do you compare with the prophets? Most of the people who make those videos are non jews, in fact they usually have a certain religion. Yes, I am convinced they look forward to an "apocalypse" which they believe will bring their idol. If they were normal people, they would give advice on how to protect vital electronics from EMP, such as using metal boxes or at least metal netting (like the one in screen doors) for storage and for spare electronics, such as educating pacemaker carriers about what to do in the event of a nuclear attack (some were told by their doctor, some were not), and such as educating medical doctors in intensive care and in outpatient practice about the implications of a potential EMP or other large electromagnetic event such as a solar storm.

  8. Daniela, of course you are right, I don't want any to be hurt by an EMP or any other means, I want Moshiach to come b'rachamim.