17 January 2012

Daniel's Last Message - Part 2

23 Tevet 5772

“We’re Finished”
A message from Daniel
26 Kislev 5772


A few hundred years ago, the Haskalah Movement arose and the beginning of the great descent of Am Yisrael. The first things that the Jews threw out were family purity and Shabbat. And since then, Am Yisrael is descending more and more and more in these things, until this generation in which holiness, which is the basis of our connection to HKB”H, has almost disappeared. If there is a rabbi or simple Jew who goes in some way against these two things, they have no possibility of succeeding at all and their end will be very bitter.

These two things are the basis of all of Judaism. And if you ask me: “What about Torah learning?” Of course, Torah learning is also basic and there are other things that hold tight to Judaism, but, without holiness, there’s no Torah and without Torah, there’s no holiness, so it’s all one thing.

Today, we are learning Torah without holiness. The yeshivas are full of Jews, young men learning Torah, even at a high technical level, but for the majority, there is no holiness. We have a knowledge-weakness in the treatment of issues of holiness, in the Chareidi yeshivas as well as the schools. When they call all kinds of things forbidden, instead of removing the offenders, the administration usually deals with it with great forgiveness, whether out of a desire to protect the name of the institution or out of economic considerations.

What else can I tell you? You know, this is a confused generation, so attached to the eigel hazahav; so attached to the lie of the world and unable to leave this ease; very difficult for them to leave. I can only say this to you – standing before us is the fulfillment of the prophecies; a most difficult war, a real war. The root of the struggle is spiritual; between Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheists, of such we shouldn’t know. And everyone is against everyone. And at the end, there will be great destruction in this world. The majority of the world will be destroyed, but the real Am Yisrael, the true Jews who are really close to HKB”H, who really have true souls who stood at Har Sinai and said “We will do and we will hear,” these will come to the truth, will receive our righteous Mashiach and will sacrifice again offerings in the Temple, with G-d’s help.

But, we will go through gehinom until then. HKB”H will slaughter the eigel hazahav before our eyes. Whoever loves his cell phone will see that it doesn’t work, it’s just a hunk of plastic. And whoever loves his car will see that it isn’t able to move. Whoever is happy about the money he has in the bank will see that it disappeared. And whoever is waiting for his pension will discover that it was deleted. Whoever needs to go to the doctor will discover that the office is closed. And whoever loves his money will discover that it’s worthless. Whoever is thirsty will see that there’s no water in the faucet. And whoever will go to the grocery will find that the grocery is empty. Whoever relies on the army to protect them will hear how the missiles explode all around. And whoever trusts in HKB”H will have everything: food, bed, Temple, eternity. And whoever doesn’t trust in HKB”H won’t have anything.

The world is moving toward war. The crazy people – those who are reincarnations of all kinds of evildoers from all the eras – are trying to rule over the world and to be, G-d forbid, like in the place of HKB”H. It’s foolishness even to think that it’s possible to do a thing like that. But, they are so full of the feeling of their own powers that they can’t accept this under any circumstances that they are totally people that HKB”H created. So, they’re dragging the whole world to the end with massive destruction, with tremendous suffering to all the world’s population. Jews and gentiles with a bit of comprehension feel clearly that there’s going to be a disaster in the world, in the economy as well as in the war. The majority of the world will be destroyed and a majority of the world’s population will be killed. Among the Jews, those who stood at Har Sinai will remain.

When I speak of holiness, this holiness is in fact the basis of Judaism, of the life of the Jew. In thoughts, in dress and in behaviors, it’s how a person speaks, it’s how he walks in the street, in which way he moves his body - if in pride with raised head and walk of a “show-off” or he walks refined with head down and not trying to catch the eye of people. If it’s in attire, of women as well as men: a modest woman, her body is covered in as many layers as possible, because it’s the custom of our mothers. And if the Torah says that the hair of a woman is promiscuity, that a married woman needs to be modest, needs to appear married, she can’t put on herself a wig with the hair of another woman and think it is modest. It’s promiscuity and in Heaven, it’s much worse than desecration of Shabbat. A woman with a wig of today looks bareheaded and if she says that her husband wants this, then the two of them will go to gehinom. And if she will say that her rabbi allows it, it’s hard for me to believe that a rabbi sees the wig and rules that it’s kosher.

The foreign wig gives the woman the feeling of bareheadedness, a feeling of freedom to be like an available woman, that she’s not married and this is the big lie of the generation, the great success of the Sitra Achra. Because they permitted wigs hundreds of years ago because of a decree of the gentiles, but today, there is no decree of the gentiles that obligates the women to go with a wig and despite this, they continue to go with the wig. In the time of the Gemara that it’s written that there were here and there women with a wig, but they didn’t go out into the street with a revealed wig.

Our fathers, until recently, a generation ago, had modesty. They would walk with wide clothes and today they walk with tight pants and short coats, colorful ties, etc. and aside from that, there are women who eat in the street. This is not modest, it’s forbidden; men as well as women. There’s a speaking style that women speak on the street in a loud voice, eye-catching, going with shoes that make noise, with eye-catching jewelry.

Aside from the immodest clothing, short and narrow, etc., there are forbidden meetings between women and men. There are work places where there are men and women. There are eating places where they’re sitting really crowded and it’s forbidden.

“Kedoshim tihiyu” – this is our whole life. A man who doesn’t have holy thoughts, a speaker of not nice words, a walker with promiscuous dress, not modest, man or woman, how can he pray before HKB”H!? To stand before HKB”H!? Women say: “So, what if she doesn’t dress exactly modestly, but she prays so strongly…” It’s like saying: “So what if she eats a little pork every day, but she prays so beautifully…” It’s impossible to stand before HKB”H in promiscuity. This is chutzpah. To stand without modesty and to pray holy words before HKB”H – it’s really chutzpah, above and beyond. Every man who throws away modesty, holiness, he’s a chutspan – an insolent person – and there’s no other word for him. We’ve lost the sensation, the feelings of holiness.

Now it’s Hanukah, there are all kinds of shows and films, supposedly kosher, but, they’re not kosher. It’s all imitation of the gentiles and it’s forbidden and it’s the not-good smell from the eigel hazahav. This severe decline in holiness, in dress, and in behavior is bringing us to severe sins. Our Chareidi world is full of forbidden things, full of promiscuity, illicit relationships and terrible things. Hashem have mercy. Abba, that’s the last message by this method, by this method of communication. But, Abba, with G-d’s help, in a bit, you and I will speak regular. I hope that in the nearest future, we will get though all the wars and your Daniel will be able to speak with you like a Torah scholar, like a completely normal Jew.