10 January 2012

"The Last Message to Am Yisrael"

16 Tevet 5772

Binyamin Golden
3rd candle of Hanukah 5772

Yes, yes, that’s right. We are ceasing for always to write messages to Am Yisrael. With G-d’s help, we are entering now into a period of time; the period that is right before the redemption - the most difficult period of all - a period in which every Jew alone will need to make a strong connection to HKB”H. A period that no one will be able to become stronger from another person, only straight from HKB”H, from the holy books, from the righteous of previous generations and from the trials that Hashem sends to us.

And it’s a situation that also we, who are called “autistics” or brain-damaged – also, we aren’t able to give strength or direction, because each Jew whose soul was at Har Sinai must arrive to this on his own. It’s a very difficult period for a part of the people and for part of the people it’s a happy situation. Because part of the people, the biggest part, lives in falsehood. And part of the people, very much smaller, tries to arrive at the truth. And the greatest happiness of the few of Am Yisrael is to live a true life. And this is what brings them the greatest pleasure.

The rest of the Jewish population in the world are living lives of falsehood in varying degrees. Some more, some less. But, a great suffering will pass through until they arrive at the truth. And therefore, it is a fearful period, a difficult period. But, also gladdening. However, there will be a huge fear. And there will be war, like we have said over and over again. You don’t need to hear it only from us. It’s written in the prophecies. And now it’s even in the headlines of almost all the newspapers. Indeed, in the headlines of the newspapers, they’re speaking about war, and alongside it they’re talking about football and theater, but there will be war. And it will be the hardest war that there wasn’t like this in all of history. And just to think about the cruel weapon that there is in almost every single country, it’s enough to make one faint from fear. But, true Jews don’t need to fear. Hashem will save us, whether we want or don’t want. And as we’ve said here, there are a lot of Erev Rav among us. Even according to many sources – a majority of the Jews in this generation are Erev Rav.

I want to say to you, that because of this, we are not able to receive strength from any person, from any Jew. Because how can we know if it’s Erev Rav or not? There are indeed several signs, but we don’t always see the signs on a person. One sign is that they don’t have the mercy of a Jew to be merciful to another Jew. They really don’t have the feeling, the feeling you have when you see a Jew suffering. They don’t have tears or a heart to have mercy on another Jew. They are cold, cold to other Jews.

Another sign is that they cool us off from the religion. They want to extinguish our fire for Hashem. But, it’s not possible, it won’t be. All the true Jews with Jewish souls, even if today they are wandering on the streets licking ice cream on the street, they won’t stoop to cruelty, to the zealotry of the Erev Rav. They will return to the truth.
It’s very true that we will see the hardest things in the near future, abroad as well as in Israel. But, outside of Israel it will be terrible. And the word “terrible” is not enough to describe the situation that is pending. The Jews abroad will feel the antisemitism strongly, very strongly; antisemitism that has not yet been in this generation, only in Germany among the Nazis sixty or seventy years ago, or with Stalin. In recent years, we have not felt antisemitism like this and now it will be very strong.

The Erev Rav and the gentiles along with a few Jews among them are trying to rule over the world; trying to be, G-d forbid, more than HKB”H. It’s a group of crazies, a group of people who have lost their humanity. Because they are so cruel and evil. And they are also here in this country, but in just a little bit, the truth will arise and we will know who pertains to what.

What is most important is that Am Yisrael will return to the truth; will return to his source. That we will return to a pure and holy way of life as in time past. That we will repair the first sin of the first man. That we will repair all the sins since then. And the biggest sin, the first that because of it everyone fell, it’s to think that we can be like HKB”H. That if we could just eat the fruit of the tree, then we would be able to rule over the world completely. But, see, many have tried and failed. And even these Jews and gentiles who are trying to rule, even over a small part of the world or of the population, will fail big time.

In every single place, we see this sin – the sin that we want to rule; to rule over a thing that only HKB”H can, but we want to be “like HKB”H.” And the snake still stands and whispers in our ear: “You can! You can rule!” If it’s in science, they have various theories how to create life, G-d forbid, how to create various bacteria in order to kill people. If in medicine, how to create all kinds of treatments for disease, that only result in people’s suffering. And it’s questionable if it helps them, but a lot of money goes into the pocket of the doctors, of the manufacturers and technicians. And they want to rule over entire countries or to rule over them partially, to rule over whole areas. And in general, over the whole world they want to rule. And with the secular Jews, as well, they have the will to rule over all that the gentiles want.

Among the national religious Jews, they want to rule over the Arabs and over the State of Israel. Thus they want. And in the chareidi world, there are askanim who want to rule over all the money that comes into the tzedaka boxes of chesed organizations, yeshivas, etc. There are askanim who want it all, the materialism, the spirituality, over all of it they want to rule. They don’t want any other chasidut to rule, only their chasidut. And if not – then it’s permitted to take several iron bars and beat whoever disturbs them. And if that doesn’t help – then it’s possible to do various other tricks in order to do evil to the other.

And in general, they want to rule also over the street. To do pizzas, and ice creams, and hamburgers, etc. But, to be, in truth, “chareidim;” everything with a “hechsher.” And this impurity will bring to businesses a lot of money, and to rule over it – this really is a government of eigel hazahav.

And thus do the Jews rule. And if someone bothers them, then again, it’s permitted to hit, demonstrate, etc. And they want our women to look like street-women, who attract the eyes of all the men. And if, G-d forbid, someone will dress modestly, will want a life of holiness, then it’s permitted to throw things at her, to pull off her head-covering. That’s permitted. Because there are rabbis who want to rule over the street. And they say it’s permitted because it’s not the street like they want, it’s another street.

Part of our leadership are false leaders who don’t pertain to the Jewish people and they want to rule over all the communities. Because it’s a lot of money, much power, etc. The situation is sad in Am Yisrael. Because the chareidim who need to be holy-of-holies, they build, every group, large and small yeshivas, synagogues, study halls, huge, beautiful, impressive, and they build very large girls’ schools. But there is one more difficult problem: They haven’t invited HKB”H to enter there. However, they did invite the officials from “independent education,” or from the Ministry of Education, to see and to sign off, so they’ll give money. What does it matter if the “Liba” program comes in!? What does it matter if they will learn a little about Ben Gurion, y”sh, or about Herzl, y”sh, or about all the liars and evildoers in the history of this State. It can’t hurt… but, look, with this money, we can build more and more girls’ schools, and computers, and art classes, all kinds of things like the seculars which are like the gentiles. And we got the psychology. “Psychology”? This will save us??? Psychology? It’s certain that psychology is part of the snake itself! And all the courses, all the “libas,” they are really the snake itself. The wise ones of the evildoers bring us this in their cunning, that this is the way to break Am Yisrael. This is the way to take the chareidim and dismantle them into little pieces, so they’ll disappear from the world. They’ll disappear inside the eigel hazahav. They’ll disappear inside ice cream shops, drowning in ice cream – and all with a smile. This will be the end of Am Yisrael – if it continues this way, G-d forbid.

But, we have to repair this sin, the first sin of Adam and Chava. And just to want to be close to Hashem and not to want to be “in place of Hashem.” Not inside our homes, and not inside our classes, and not inside our social lives. We need only to want to come close to Hashem. Not to rule over any one. Only to come close to Hashem. And that’s it, the biggest tikun: to do the will of Hashem. And, in any case, if we do the will of Hashem, all our sins will disappear and we are arriving to the inheritance.

Therefore, Am Yisrael! HKB”H loves you very, very much. You went out of Egypt within love, went out of Egypt almost without food. Indeed with much gold, but with little food. And a majority of the Jews died in Egypt. You didn’t cry about it and didn’t get angry about it. You went out of Egypt in happiness and in faith and trust in Hashem and Hashem didn’t forget it. He didn’t forget His bride who went with Him into the desert, only within love, simply love.

But from this moment, the minute immediately after we went out – already the problem of the matter of the eigel hazahav started, and until today it’s really destroying us. Therefore, Am Yisrael, the tikun is to establish anew the connection with HKB”H. Not as a whole people, at this moment, but each one, every Jew, that will arrive to HKB”H, and you will perceive, so to speak, straight to HKB”H, the few who love HKB”H and want to be His servant; want to serve Him. This is the main thing. And then, with G-d’s help, we will go out from this exile to freedom, to the complete redemption. And we will receive our righteous Mashiach really in happiness. And we will continue thus to eternity.

NOTE: I have left out all the numerous sources because they are very difficult for me to translate. I don't always understand the abbreviations or have the sources at hand to correctly render the translation. If you are interested in looking them up, please consult the original here.

With G-d's help, the rest of the messages are coming.