16 January 2012

Daniel's Last Message - Part 1

22 Tevet 5772

As I said, this one is quite lengthy, so I'm breaking it up into two parts.

“We’re Finished”
A message from Daniel
26 Kislev 5772

Abba, Abba, it’s already a few years that we have had the merit to give messages from Heaven to Am Yisrael. I remember the first messages, Abba, that you could hardly believe that I am capable of something like this, that it’s not a dream, that it’s real. Perhaps in the beginning you weren’t sure it’s real, but during the years, you saw that what I said really came to be. And here, Abba, we’ve arrived to the last stage before the redemption - the hardest stage for Am Yisrael - and in general, for the world. We’re standing upon the opening to redemption. And at this moment, after so many years of messages, messages intended to help Am Yisrael to prepare for the redemption, we’ve arrived at the moment of the last message, this method of communication, in short FC.

Why did we suddenly receive a message from Heaven to stop the messages in general? Because, the world has changed completely. And everything that we’ve said until now is what we would also say in the future, because there’s nothing more to say in this stage. There is nothing more to say to Am Yisrael about how to prepare ourselves for the redemption. If you want to be strengthened, then simply take out the previous pages and go over them. There’s nothing new to say to you.

The world is a mess. The Jews, and in general, all the residents of the world, gentiles as well as Jews, they got used to materialism above and beyond the worst nightmares of our grandparents. They couldn’t even imagine the abundance that we enjoy from this. But, for this abundance, we’re paying a heavy price. It has almost destroyed Yiddishkeit. And there’s no more painful or heavy price than this. It has almost destroyed our connection with the truth, with HKB”H. And there’s no bigger price than this.

Am Yisrael has created a plastic Judaism. A Judaism that is suited to our false requirements from the Olam Hazeh - superficial pleasures and all the things that are the exact opposite of our holy Torah. We took our Yiddishkeit and turned it into something artificial, appropriate to every superficial and silly need of every Jew who really wants only the eigel hazahav - this world and its pleasures.

Baruch Hashem, there are other Jews who are trying to hold onto the status of true Judaism and a real closeness to HKB”H. They’re trying to learn for the sake of Heaven; to raise their children according to the Torah of Moshe, but they are few. And as much as we write and we write, and we try to bring the truth before Am Yisrael, we don’t succeed very much. Maybe here and there we’ve opened a heart a bit to the truth, Baruch Hashem. But, for the majority, the Jews are not ready to hear and not just not ready to hear us, they’re not ready and not interested in understanding the truth that’s in the Torah.

In all the world, there are gentiles, and among them also Jews, who want to rule over everything and to bring the world to a situation so bad, so cruel, so not belonging to any religion of humanity, in order that they themselves will rule over everything. That they themselves will be, G-d forbid, like in the place of HKB”H, like the generation of the Tower of Bavel. And like in that generation, Hashem allowed them to continue and have success, but in the end, He brought them down very strongly. They will disappear from the reality. And also among Jews there is such a thing – the same thing – just on a smaller scale, but a thousand times greater effect, because the center of the world is the Jew. The center of existence is the Jew and the center of the spirituality is the Jew. Even though there are little Jews in this world, what happens to them influences the whole world.

Here in Eretz Yisrael, we have a government whose majority are anti-religious. And there is among them a group of Jews with important roles who want to associate with these gentiles who desire to rule over the world and to create a new-world-order that is foreign and based upon wickedness. And in the group of these evildoers there are also secular Jews from all over the world who believe in this thing and they participate in it and they have a big part in it.

There are also secular Jews who have forgotten, in general, what it is to be a Jew. In general, in general, in general. And they also behave like gentiles and they want to behave like gentiles. But, there are among them true Jews, who in their heart and in their soul, they are true Jews. And it takes sometimes only one word to open this place and they will be able to make teshuva. But, there are among them those who come from the source of the Erev Rav and they can’t return in teshuva.

After that, we have the Modern-Orthodox Jews abroad. In Israel, we call them “national-religious.” There are among them, many who are confused between the Olam Hazeh and Olam Haba. They want both, but that’s not possible. They need to decide. The Olam Hazeh is only for the sake of preparing ourselves for the redemption and Olam Haba. If we take the Torah from one side and Olam Hazeh from the other and try to make from them one thing, it will never work, because the Olam Hazeh is falsehood and the Torah is truth. The Torah will never accept falsehood.

Also among the national-religious and the Modern Orthodox and also among their rabbis there are Erev Rav. And they can’t do teshuva – this Erev Rav – because they are not from Jewish souls. According to the law, they are Jews, but they don’t have Jewish souls and never did. They always make problems for us.

There is also the Chareidim, among whom are Ashkenazim and Sefardim, Litvak, Hassidim, etc. Also, to my great sorrow, in this holy-of-holies that once was the magnificence of the world, that once held the spiritual world, that because of them the world stood, in general, without being destroyed; also, among them has entered in a severe pollution. This pollution is the most dangerous. It comes from the Erev Rav and enters into the most Chareidi world - the world that is closest to HKB”H. Also in this Chareidi world, remain the relatively few people who still hold onto the truth.

It’s hard to believe, but also among the Chareidi Jews there are Erev Rav. And even among their leaders, there are Erev Rav. Hashem have mercy. And this Erev Rav tries to cool us off from our religion; to attract us to materialism; to draw us close to the seculars or to the government; to draw us near to the gentile world. And they do this in a way that is supposedly for the sake of Heaven. These Jews do great damage. So, we know that every true Jew will be saved, with G-d’s help, because every Jewish soul is very dear in Heaven. Hashem will pull us back by force. But, if he will be very damaged, he will have tremendous suffering until he comes to the truth.

The Erev Rav who are among us will not be saved. Even if it appears that they are being successful, they’ won't succeed. They are being exposed more and more, because they are fighting more and more openly against the holiness of Am Yisrael.

To be continued...