18 January 2012

Baiting Barack

24 Tevet 5772

I love it! If you're sitting in the middle between two enemies, you gotta love it when one of them gets the better of the other.

Iran promises to return US drone - as a pink toy
It may not have been quite what Barack Obama meant when he called on Iran to return a US drone that crashed in the Islamic Republic.

Rather than giving back the multi-million dollar piece of spyware, which has been gleefully paraded for the world's cameras, an Iranian toy maker has promised to send the White House a pink plastic toy replica of the downed drone.

Yeranen Yaakov reported today on his blog:

Milkman Predicts: US Will Strike Iran While Israel Stands By Smiling (The "Milkman" being a well-known Israeli kabbalist.)

Despite what's being reported about Barack Obama being reluctant to use the "military option" with Iran, Hashem has His ways of pulling people in the direction He chooses. And Achmadinejad's taunts and Islamic messianic fervor are just part of His toolbox.

War with Iran: A Conflict Obama Hopes to Avoid May Be Imposed on Him

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