13 April 2008

Again a Stay of Three Days!?

Olmert, 'Abbas, Bush to Meet in Egypt in May
Written by The Media Line Staff
Published Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and United States President George W. Bush will host an Israeli-Palestinian summit next month, which will also include Jordanian King 'Abdallah II.

The summit, according to Israeli media outlets, is expected to take place in mid-May, during Bush's visit to Israel. Bush is arriving at Israel on May 14 for its 60th anniversary celebrations and is scheduled to stay in the country until May 16.

By calling for the summit, the American administration is attempting to push forward the American-brokered peace talks, which began 100 days ago in Annapolis, Maryland.


  1. That's two times. There needs to be third visit after this. I was wondering if his visit in 1998 counts as the first? There is what to say that Yom Hatzmaut is truly the day of geulah as hinted to by the Gra, and the Erev merely connected their independence to it in 5708 and the true day will be in the futre. Perhaps there is a correlation between 60 (bitul of one era and the beginning of another) and Bush's visit.

  2. We shall see. The most important thing to understand I think that much of Yechezkel is covered over and is referring to deeper concepts. We know the gematria og GoguMagog is 70 and thus represents the 70 nations or impure cultures of the world. In a sense this battle has been going on for a long time, but is reaching a finality now. The war is really of spirituality. We do know thanks to the Malbim that there are two sides in Gog u Magog that fight to conquer Jerusalem and also against each other. The Xtians and Muslims have been involved with this battle for centuries and seemingly this is also reaching a finality now. Of course how can we be for sure? We know the prophecy which is relating to a time when we have returned and this time is now. Clearly Gog is weakening us spiritually so Yishmael can battle us for Jerusalem. We need to be ready for an eventuality that the West sees the Arabs defeating us and comes in under the guise of "saving" us in order to battle them for Jerusalem. This could all take place around Yom HaTzmut since we know Syria and Hezbollah are about to attack. Anyway sorry for the length, but I felt some of my ideas would be helpful.

  3. Excellent comments and well worth the space. :-) Thank you!