25 April 2008


1 --- General Petraeus (known as "General Betray-us" to the left wing in America) has been promoted to head of CentCom.


1 --- US has made a very public case against Syria and N Korea with regard to the construction of a nuclear installation which Israel bombed.


1 --- The very public arrest of Ben-Ami Kadish after 20 some years.


The US is preparing to widen the war in the Middle East and Israel is on the short end of the deal.

Will it be before or after or during the Busha's next planned visit?

Shabbat shalom and chag sameach!!


  1. Pesach has almost passed. Mashiach isn't here yet. I will await his coming every day... but couldn't he get here sooner?

    Chag sameach!

  2. And what's up with the rationing of rice and flour, starting on Pesah?

  3. BK, the War for Independence happened at the beginning of the month of Iyyar while the Six Days War happened near the end. Maybe the next one will be in the middle at Pesach Sheini.

    Yaak, very interesting observation. I did not make that connection, but it must be significant.

  4. Many events occurred this past Pesach. Bush switched gears and decided to reveal te info regarding the nuclear rector in Syria that was built with the help of NK and the Chief of Staff overtly said that war plans have begun. All this during Pesach and of course as Yaak said the beginning of rationing of Rice and Flour. The march to GoguMagog and Moshiach has just been turned up a notch and all during Pesach!!

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  6. B'simcha! And thanks for pointing out the things in your other comment.