08 April 2008

This & That

Sorry not to have posted yesterday. Between settling in my daughter who has come to stay, preparing for Pesach, and getting ready to marry off my son in a little less than a month, there's not much time left for my blog. Today, I'll just let my thoughts ramble.

1. The citizenry of Israel joined in the national emergency drill about twenty minutes ago. My participation consisted of opening the window to be sure I wouldn't miss hearing the alarm. Even so, it wasn't very loud. Then, I did what I probably would do in the event of the real thing. I remained in my chair and kept working because where am I going to go? I haven't seen any bomb shelters in my neighborhood since I moved here almost a year ago. In my old neighborhood, they were either all locked up or in use by shuls, youth groups, etc. I imagine everyone else did the same thing. I looked outside but didn't see anyone hurrying for cover. Hashem, tishmor aleynu!

2. I read today on INN that the level of the Kinneret, which supplies our national water carrier, is at record lows: "The dams have not been opened since the winter of 1991-92." This was the last 'normal' year in Israel... before the "Peace Process" started.

3. I also read there about a memorial rally planned today for the murdered Mercaz HaRav students. It says that " leading rabbis of the yeshiva will speak and singers will perform " at Teddy Stadium. It makes me want to cry. How does this bring us to the kind of teshuva that will put an end to such tragedies forever?

4. Bar Kochba (For Zion's Sake) has written an excellent article entitled Separation and Redemption. I highly recommend it. Among the comments, one finds that there are still Jews who have bought into the myth that the so-called Xian Zionists are our greatest friends and we can have relationships with them because they have promised not to proselytize us. Here is my answer to that...

"FYI, all xian aid has one goal only and that is to make the Jew beholden to the xian so that his defenses against the xian and the xian faith will be weakened. They admit as much on their websites and also discuss this strategy among themselves in their congregations.

The xian definition of "proselytizing" requires the xian to initiate an encounter. However, if they merely do a good turn for the non-xian which will make him feel obligated and lead to his asking the xian about the motivation for his generosity, this opens the door for him to "share his faith" and is not proselytizing by their definition. By this method, they can deny any intent to proselytize with a clear conscience.

Ask any xian "supporter" of Israel what he would do if a Jew came to him and asked him about converting to xianity. If the "xian" answers that he would advise the Jew to consult a rabbi about any doubts he harbors regarding his faith and encourage him to remain a Jew, then he is a true friend of the Jewish people.

But, I can tell you right now that not even one professing xian would consider such a thing. They are xians because they believe in that path and they believe it is for everyone, both Jew and gentile."

5. As the old saying goes, "even a broken clock is right twice a day" :

(INN) "Meretz Knesset Member Prof. Yossi Beilin, relating to the visit of evangelical pastor John Hagee, said, "In my eyes there is nothing more ridiculous and tragic than to see in this man a friend to Israel."

6. A short time ago, the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem cancelled a free concert after it was discovered that a missionary had organized it. (See Community Alert 18 Mar 2008) Now, it's happened even in Berlin!
"Berlin's Jewish Museum has cancelled a concert by a Jewish pianist after it was discovered he was planning to use to event to spread his missionary message. The pianist, Sam Rotman, defines himself as an orthodox Jew who believes in Christianity, and he has used his piano concerts to convey his religious transformation."
Wake up, Jewish People! This is a war with Eisav!! And they aren't letting up!
Messianic Jews stir controversy in Jerusalem
"This is like building a synagogue in the midst of Umm al-Fahm," said one of the outraged residents. "This is set to be the first institute in the country to be openly operated by Messianic Jews. This center will be erected over our dead bodies," he proclaimed.

7. Ominous report: IDF collecting settlers' weapons


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