28 April 2008

Just in Case You Forgot

Tony Blair is still in the picture.

Blair Pressures Israel for More 'Good Will' Measures

(IsraelNN.com) Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair, formerly Prime Minister of Britain, is presenting Israel with a new list of travel and trade restrictions he wants removed. Among the items, which he argues is damaging to the status of Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, is a key roadblock between Ramallah, headquarters of the PA, and the nearby Jewish town of Beit El. Defense Minster Ehud Barak has refused to remove the roadblocks because of the ensuing damage to security, which would be endangered by easier accessibility by terrorists trying to reach Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria and urban centers.

Don't think that his recent conversion to Catholicism and the Pope's recent visit to the US where he was met personally by Bush at the airport and had a special birthday party is just coincidental. Romulus and Remus, uhm, I mean, Bush and Blair, no doubt have plans to make a present of Jerusalem to the Pope (G-d forbid!). Just wait and see!


  1. Devash, Bush isn't a Catholic. I think that your suggestion is a bit far-fetched though I don't doubt that he wants to make trouble for Am Yisrael.

    BTW Would you mind blogrolling my other site?

  2. Did I say Bush was a Catholic? They are both xians who believe their destiny is to bring xian enlightenment to the world.

    " Bush calls meeting pope a 'moving experience' --- George W. Bush said on Saturday he felt awe in the presence of Pope Benedict XVI, who urged the U.S. president to seek "regional and negotiated" solutions to Middle East conflicts...."

    "President Bush Welcomes His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to White House --- PRESIDENT BUSH: Holy Father, Laura and I are privileged to have you here at the White House. ...This is your first trip to the United States since you ascended to the Chair of Saint Peter. ...Holy Father, you will find in America people whose hearts are open to your message of hope. And America and the world need this message."

    "President Bush Lets His Love for the Pope Show at Catholic Prayer Breakfast --- ...what an unbelievable - it was just such a special moment," he said. "And it was a special moment to be able to visit with the Holy Father in the Oval Office. He is a humble servant of God. He is a brilliant professor. He is a warm and generous soul."

    About your other blogsite, I have to say very sorry, but no. You have given it to the Frank-furter as a platform for pleading his case for xianity. No, I prefer not to link to that.