21 February 2008

Great Shiur

Found this extremely interesting and informative post over at the Moshiach and Geula Forum. I highly recommend listening to the shiur via the link provided.
Rabbi Sitorsky has been revealing a lot of interesting concepts dealing with the impending Geulah. Firstly, he said dont be fooled by those who think that the lunar eclipse today is bad for the yidden. All the news in Eretz Yisroel regarding possible attacks and so forth, FBI on high alert etc. A lunar eclipse is referred as a negative siman in the gemarra. However, the fact that it is occurring on Shushan Purim Katon means just the OPPOSITE. He hinted that we will start seeing more interesting revelations soon, as we have just entered into a new period in the year 5768. Rabbi Sitorsky also mentioned to keep this in mind and remember that almost every positive significant event that happened to Jews occurred in a year ending with 8. The nature of this year is even more powerful. So dont be fearful... Even the secular bas kol in the streets is about CHANGE. It just happened in Cuba, Kosvo maybe the US and all this is building up to the biggest change of all, Moshiach. I dont know if this link will work, but you can hear it better from Rabbi Sitorsky, to many points to bring down.

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