26 June 2016

A Word About "Brexit" - Beginning of the Endgame

20 Sivan 5776

Make no mistake! The only reason the "exit" vote in the referendum to take Britain out of the EU succeeded is because this is the way the NWO wanted it to go. 

It's counter-intuitive. The idea is to bring down the current system and create such chaos, want and need that the world will welcome, even beg for a new one-world currency system as their salvation. It's mental and emotional manipulation - including, and especially, all the media coverage of this event.

This is not a victory for the 99% over the 1%. That's obviously what they want us to believe, but it's just another psy-ops!

It looks like this is the beginning of the "controlled crash" that we've been expecting. If so, look for unstable and volatile market moves this week. There are already unconfirmed reports of people not receiving their electronic benefits for the month of June in the US and of interruptions in electronic funds transfers. Make sure you have a supply of needed items on hand. There is just no way to know how quickly a situation might degenerate to the point at which stores may be depleted or that you won't be able to safely travel the streets to reach one.

This applies worldwide!!