04 January 2015

Prelude to Foreign Troops?

Edited 14 tevet 5775-
13 Tevet 5775
Shavua tov!

I saw this on Ynetnews just as I was shutting down my computer before Shabbat. Today, it is being reported widely, with every kind of 'spin' imaginable...

Settlers clash with US consulate security near West Bank outpost
Guards from American convoy visiting Palestinian village drew weapons at settlers, after the outpost activists pelted their cars with stones.

US ‘deeply concerned’ by settler attack on consulate staff
State Department says Israeli authorities acknowledge ‘seriousness of the incident,’ denies security personnel drew weapons

West Bank settlers, U.S. consulate staff clash

Police: Jewish settlers attack U.S. officials in West Bank

You get the idea. Just Google or search Yahoo News with the two words settlers and consulate and look at what comes up. Amazing! End of my commentary. The title is self-explanatory and you can draw your own conclusions.

PS: Imagine if this took place at the entrance to Jerusalem or the Old City. Don't think it's possible? Well, think again...

US book exposes secret US military presence in Israel

William Arkin: The US Army has at least five bases in Israel, including one at Ben Gurion Airport, and one in Herzliya Pituah.

And that was in 2005. It's now up to 7 or 8!! With what is reported to be held in these bases, the US could set up a government in exile here!! And let's not forget how close US troops are deployed already on the other side of Israel, aka Jordan.

See also an earlier post here on the subject...

Not-so-secret US military involvement in the Jewish State


  1. Not surprising, but great that all is coming to the surface. Barry Chamish exposed, years ago, the five bases that were already set up.
    The holy prophecies of our holy prophets all coming to fruition. Why Jews seem to discard the truth and reality is still a mystery to me. Wake up from your slumber, yiddelach!

  2. Shalom!!!

    I can't wait to Mashiach be finally revealed. These essavim don't know where really are, are so blind, they can't see that are not anywhere in the world. It is very sad to know that they are walking in Éretz as if it was their house.

    Èretz belongs to Am Israel, that Mashiach can soon evict them from there for ever!!!

    The world of falsehood might end soon, with the revelation of Mashiach Tzadikêinu, B ' H!!!

    Shavua tov for all!!!!

    Luiz Felipe-S.P.-Brasil