14 January 2015

Message from Binyamin: "Everything is Falling Apart"

23 Tevet 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 13 Tevet 5775

"Everything is Falling Apart"

The world is falling apart. Falling apart from all sides. From all places we are hearing frightful news, disgusting news, news that makes us depressed. And that's not the only danger, we have the existential danger that we're seeing from all the news. It also tells us the low, animalistic level of people. Once, they would conceal it at least, but today, they show it to us on a 'whim'. And every Jew whose Jewish soul still remains can't stand it, can't stand the dirty street, can't stand the newspapers, including the dirty hareidi newspapers, can't stand all the immorality, all the 'beautiful people' - so called, who wander around half naked.

We know that lately, from all directions, we have dismantling, dismantling and liquidation of things that were once holy, not just to hareidim, but also even to seculars. They are taking apart everything. But, it's not just in Israel and it's not just for Jews, it's the whole world. People we once admired - at the end we discover that they belong to the Satan himself. Once they valued good traits, but now? - how much dirtier is the person - that's more interesting [to them]. And that's our new world. And we here in Eretz Yisrael suffer quite a bit. Although we are not suffering and won't suffer like abroad, but, in any case - the suffering is hard. We will see, and we are seeing, within the hareidi world, such a difficult change, how we, the hareidim, are fighting, not with the seculars, not with the national religious, not with the Arabs, but among ourselves, with one another.

But, the Knesset has to fall, and with its downfall - Mashiach will come. And we are already seeing the downfall. Everything is coming apart, it's all coming apart. But, what hurts us most is Shas. What's happening in Shas - it's really a tragedy. Shas won't rise up more than what it was, Shas, which allowed sephardim, Jewish sephardim, to feel a bit 'at the top' spiritually after arriving to Eretz Yisrael, to the State of Israel, the state of 'democracy', so called, the state which took the sephardi Jews and tried to destroy them, to destroy their culture, their Judaism, everything, cut them to pieces, and in cold blood, damaged their children and their future and came Shas and lifted up all of it, and gave them the feeling that they were worth something.

And not only that, they started returning to HKB"H, and it's all from Shas. HaRav Ovadiah was the great messenger, he was a great and important Jew, and he gave to his children and to his community, all of his love. He taught them to love Hashem. He taught them that Hashem is the Almighty. But, when he left this world, then all of it, all this ability to lift, with all the heart, Am Yisrael and also not a few ashkenazim, to raise them up, to bring them towards holiness, towards faith and trust in HKB"H and beginning to send sons to good yeshivas, who will sit and learn there, and send daughters to Beit Yaaqovs and other hareidi schools, they got self-respect, some feeling that their previous generations were tzadikim, and this is the most important thing, and what matters is not whether the skin is a little darker or a little lighter, but to be real-Jews, close to HKB"H.  

And when he left this world - HaRav Maran, ztz"l, then everything fell apart. Why? Because the whole time that there is a strong Rav, a strong Jew, who directs for the sake of Heaven, profits for the sake of Heaven, then everyone is good. The moment that lower level people gain control then we really see total collapse, a collapse of the great and beautiful house, synagogue, the holy place, with the holy sephardi Jews, that Maran built. And it really breaks the heart. And now people who are much lower level than Maran - they're managing the matter and it couldn't stand because each one is with his 'ego', each one with his 'ego' - that it controls. And because of this - all the chilul Hashem that will be from it.

And this chilul Hashem - really obstructs all the beauty that HaRav Ovadiah, ztz"l built. Baruch Hashem it happened after he was niftar, but in fact, at the time that he was alive, it couldn't be. He took every type of people and encouraged them for the good of Am Yisrael. He was such a giant that it wasn't possible, couldn't go against him. He was so close to Hashem and so real and so for the sake of Heaven that it had to work. But, without strength like this, all the evil goes out - all the ambition of everyone really rises. And it collapsed everything. But, it's not just Shas. But, Shas is such a big example that it's THE example. But, the truth, this Knesset - it's a 'jokers session'. And it will also collapse. And we are also seeing in every political party dismantling, stupidity. The populace - it's laughing at all of them there, all the leaders, the so called 'greats', belittling and despising them.

Let's continue on. Eretz Yisrael. Let's call it 'Medinat Yisrael', let's call it 'Little Rome', because that's what they're doing: turning Eretz Yisrael, Hashem protect us, into Little Rome. And in a little bit, the Pope wants to move the Vatican here, to Mount Zion. And generally, fill the place with goyim, renovating in all kinds of places, and it costs a lot of money, because it will be the place that they will want to sit and manage the whole world, and it will turn into 'Little Rome'.

But, it's no joke. It's most frightening. That's not the end. The end will be that slowly, slowly, they are bringing their evil here in Israel. They've already taken over the kupot holim [health funds], they've even taken over many rabbis, they've taken over the politicos for sure, and about the Knesset there's nothing to say. You'll see. Look also at the kupot holim [health funds], also in every place, look at what is happening. Just start observing. They're bringing in tons of money to this country. And for what? So it'll be nice for them to live here. Not in order to make it nice for us to live here... They want to take over here specifically, davka here they want to take over, so they'll feel that they are almighty, G-d forbid, but Hashem will not allow it. Hashem will not allow it.

I just suffer very much and it seems to me a greater tragedy than the 'Twins' that we're seeing Jew-against-Jew, that we're seeing 'Jews' as informers, informers to the police, Jews who are capable, who have no problem, beating up other Jews almost to death, and all for money.  There are mafias after mafias, organized groups, all kinds of pressure groups who are profiting from directing the Jew to the abyss. They bring them to the abyss and give them a strong push, and that's the situation. And that's the hardest part to see, that's the saddest part.

But, it's not just in Israel. These groups also exist abroad, groups of Erev Rav who have learned to profit at the Jews' expense and sometimes at the gentiles' expense, and who make a bad name for the Jews, but don't worry, Hashem will stop them - and will finish them. They will go together with the Edomim, together with the Yishmaelim they will go.

Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, the real-Jews, I know that you are very few, we are very few, there are very few real-Jews, those who remain, but activate their internalness, their essence, their soul, their spirit and come near to HKB"H, cling to HKB"H. We have nowhere to flee. Do you not understand?!...

And those abroad, I really suggest you get here, and those who are here - attach immediately to the Creator of the World, because there won't be another shelter, there won't be any other bunker that will be guaranteed without danger, only with Him. I'll say it once more, even if you are fed up with hearing it, because I believe that you are understanding more,  every day that things are happening you are understanding our words more. We need to go into the homes, close the door, and wait for it to pass. We - we don't have strength to fight against the evildoers, only HKB"H can. So, what then? We need to cling to Hashem, and not to leave. To attach on Him - and not leave. And that's what will save us. Only this will save us, and not anything else. There we will find our shelter where they can't do anything to us. Don't worry. One day they will come upon us to destroy us completely. Now, they are trying to do it 'one-by-one'. In a little bit, they will try to be rid of the Jews altogether: or that the Jews will agree to accept their new religion - or that they will wipe us out, G-d forbid. But, Hashem won't allow it. Hashem will wipe them out completely.

Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, activate, feel, the Jewish heart, the Jewish heart that loves every other Jew. Feel it, it's what will save us, it's what will save us.

[The message runs about a page and it took me about 5 hrs to translate and type it. There are FOUR pages of Questions and Answers following, but I'm not going to have time to do them all. I'll try to find the most critical ones to post iy"H and put them up as soon as I can.]