25 May 2014

This is a Sad and Tragic Day in Israel

25 Iyar 5774
Day 40 of the Omer

Sit in sackcloth and ashes and weep for the massive desecration of God's Name which is occurring throughout the Holy Land before the eyes of the whole world as the Chief Idolater is welcomed by the Erev Rav to all of Judaism's holiest places. 

Sit and weep and cry out to Heaven for relief from this seemingly endless exile. Cry out! Appeal to Hashem from the bottom of your heart to have mercy for His own Name's sake and deliver us from this evil!

May all your enemies be humbled and scattered, Hashem. Take vengeance for Your Name's sake, if not for us. 


This visit by the Head of the Church is already political before a word is said. I did not understand why I kept hearing that he was going to Bet Lechem and yet, it wasn't on his official itinerary. Today, I finally figured out why.

He is traveling by helicopter from Jordan to 'Palestine' where he will visit the 'Palestinian holy city' of Bethlehem and then he will travel on to Israel, where he will land at Ben Gurion airport.

Why, when he is two minutes down the road from Jerusalem in Bet Lechem, would he not proceed on by car, but will go to the time, trouble and expense of a helicopter ride to Ben Gurion Airport about an hour away???

This is why Bet Lechem is not on his "Israeli" itinerary. He is going to great lengths to distinguish between what he considers Israel and what he considers is not Israel.

If they rebel against God in the matter of the Torah by promoting a religion which is the antithesis to it, they will, of course, continue to defy God on the matter of the borders of Eretz Yisrael and who it rightfully belongs to.

See also Mashiach's Wife on this subject.