"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

22 May 2014

More Signs of a Collapsing Regime

22 Iyar 5774
Day 37 of the Omer

If you know what you're looking at, you can see that there are signs everywhere that the current regime has entered a decline which will result in its ultimate collapse.

Nothing illustrates this better than a recent IDF ombudsman report, according to which 7,158 complaints regarding the army were addressed. Over half of the complaints were found to be "justified," but how many incidents happen where no complaint is ever filed? The ones described in YNET's account of the report are enough to show how far that Zionist idol - the IDF - has already fallen.

IDF ombudsman report reveals abuse of power among commanders

...One soldier made a complaint against an NCO (non-commissioned officer) who allegedly poured bleach on her head, resulting in her hospitalization.

An investigation of the incident found that the NCO and his commander made some sarcastic remarks at the female soldiers in the office - which they claimed were in good nature. At some point, an argument between the soldier and NCO about sitting arrangements in the office escalated into gravely offensive comments made by the NCO at the soldier.

The soldier expressed her objection to the NCO's remarks, and threw a rubber stamp at his head. Instead of calming the situation, the NCO's commander added to the already tense atmosphere by telling the NCO that he "would have retaliated."

The NCO started chasing after the soldier with a soda bottle and at some point switched the soda with a bottle of bleach. The attempt of another soldier to stop him didn't help and the enraged NCO continued his chase. After he caught the soldier, he poured the content of the bleach bottle on top of her head and stopped only after the soldier cried out that her eyes were burning and she was having trouble breathing.

The soldier was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment was on an extended sick leave following the incident.

...In another complaint, a boot camp commander had the rookies drink water continuously from at least three canteens and at unreasonable intervals. The commander also prevented the rookies from relieving themselves and would not retract his orders until several soldiers started to vomit.

People can die from water intoxication. Several of the reported incidents involved gender confrontations. Keep in mind that they are seeking a way to force religious women also into military service! 

Nothing paints a better picture of collapse than this account...

...Following many complaints, the commissioner examined the conditions in IDF bases in the Golan Heights. He found living quarters unsuitable for sleeping, broken floors, perforated walls, leaking and dilapidated roofs and severe safety hazards such as exposed and broken electric sockets, vandalism, displaced doors, disregard for military equipment and more.

The commissioner also discovered neglected sanitation facilities, foul-smelling toilet facilities, overflowing septic tanks without proper drainage, lack of lavatory seats, lack of hot water, fungus and mold, broken taps and more. He added that many of the bases looked abandoned with garbage on the ground, broken telephone poles and cracked fences allowing stray animals to wander in the base's area and cows to graze near the soldiers' quarters. In addition, neglected commemoration rooms were found


  1. Oh, gosh, awful ... This belongs on the front page of all papers. Embarrassing.

  2. Power has gone to their heads. IDF, society, etc. are collapsing because those who think going against Hashem thereby desecrating His Holy Name will not bring about their collapse, are fools. Redemption is very near and all signs are pointing to it.