26 May 2014

Message from Binyamin: Excerpt on Catholic Church

26 Iyar 5774
Day 41 of the Omer

Following is an excerpt from the most recent message from Binyamin. He gave it on 16 Iyar and it was posted on the Daniel website on 22 Iyar. I only found it yesterday and started translating, but it is very long and probably won't be finished before the Pontiff leaves. Therefore, I'm excerpting the parts pertinent to the current events here. The rest will follow later.

 ...Comes the head of the Catholic Church to take Kever David HaMelech. Every time I even think about it - I cry and cry. In tears internally and externally. I want to bang my head on the wall. The pain is so difficult for me. And it's not correct that he's only taking the upper rooms, it's everything - everything - everything they're giving to him. And the government is very quiet on this subject. No one knows anything from it.

The Head of the Catholic Church will arrive and they will receive him like a king. They will give him, supposedly, two rooms, but he already received the whole place. They already gave him the whole place. They're 'pretend' Jews. Because a Jew is incapable, even a non-religious Jew, non-chareidi, completely secular real-Jew doesn't have the heart to give this place to murderers who murdered Jews generation after generation, both spiritually and physically. It can't be that a Jew is capable wholeheartedly to give the keys to the enemy of Yaaqov, to Edom, to Eisav, to hand over to him the keys, not just the keys of 'David HaMelech,' - but, those of the State of Israel.

There are those who are of the opinion that I am blowing hot air, but you don't know. You don't know what their plans are. You don't understand that since the birth of the church, they've wanted to get rid of the Jews. You don't understand this. For them - it's not a problem to kill Jews. It's true, today, they're like 'cultured people' and 'good' and even, they say, 'begging forgiveness,' that they lied about the Jews killing that man, but it is they themselves who are murderers. After the second world war, they rescued by way of the Catholic Church, many, many Nazis. They smuggled them to South America. And they - they 'suffered' so much for the sake of the Jews because of the war and even from the majority of the supposedly 'good-hearted,' they took Jewish children into the monasteries and turned them into gentiles. Baruch Hashem, part of them were rescued at the end of the war, but many Jewish children disappeared among the gentiles, because they took them, and already they didn't remember that they were Jews. And it wasn't just that they didn't remember, they already didn't want to be Jews: "Why be a part of this poor people, the Jews, that any gentile who wants to can grab the Jew and kill him? Why be part of a people who murders gentile children supposedly for the purpose of baking matzot, God forbid?" Yes, yes. Some Jews became priests in Europe. Hashem should protect us. It's really heart-rending. And not just became priests, they turned against the Jews themselves....

Some pertinent Questions and Answers:

Q. What is your opinion about the demonstration that took place this week on Mount Zion on the subject of giving up Kever David HaMelech to the Catholics? There weren't many Jews there, but the message was very strong... Did it have an effect?

A. I didn't think there would be many people in any case, because the chareidim don't go out at all if the rabbi of every single one of them separately doesn't say. And the seculars - a few come to it.  The national religious - they have their issues. So who came? Real Jews. A few. Jews whose hearts hurt them very much. And those who spoke - spoke truth. Why? Because it hurts them. It simply hurts them. And I didn't think there would be more. But, it was very important that someone came and said the truth. The effect - this was particularly in Heaven, but it will also help to save the Jews, b'ezrat Hashem.

Q. The Pope is coming here on Monday... Always throughout history in this period, in these months, Iyar and Sivan, there were Crusades...  And also this time, it's a type of crusade...

A. It's not a "type." It's really the same thing! He's doing it intentionally. Everything that he's doing is calculated. There's someone directing him. But, HKB"H won't allow him at the end. It will all fall. But, first of all, it needs to float up, so the lie will become clear.

Q. So, actually, now they are coming to the Holy Land, coming up to Jerusalem for the third time, and this time it will appear as if it's going their way... that this time they are attaining their goal...

A. Exactly. And the Jews will say: "What's going on!?", "There's nothing," "Nothing at all!" And we will see who is right - them or me...

Q. In the streets of the city they've placed giant signs, they're really going all out...

A. Look. The Jews always do things like this, they had to do this like when a king arrives. But, he's no king. He's a representative of the Church - which is against HKB"H! The Church - wants to finish Judaism. And wants to run off HKB"H, God forbid. And especially the Catholic Church, but also the whole Church. And therefore, they do this because they are sycophants. They're flatterers. And it won't help them. Eventually, they'll be gentiles. Like the first Christians were Jews who prayed like Jews in every way, and after 400 years, with a little help from the Sanhedrin, particularly with the help of Hashem, they became completely gentile in Rome.


  1. ,How did Eisav become Yaaqov's enemy ?

    I thought they were brothers -same father, same mother.

    Sorry am not that tanak literate. Thanks.

  2. הקב"ה בוכה ואומר... על כבודכם מחיתם על כבודי לא מחיתם - מחאה גלויה נגד שמואליק רבינוביץ שעשה מעשה נבלה שאיפשר לאפיפיור The Pope להתייצב מול הכותל המערבי עם צלב בעודו.

    הנבלה סרוחה שאיפשר לאפיפיור-pope (אבי אבות הטומאה) להתייצב מול הכותל המערבי עם צלב בעוד שמולו ולא כיסה את הצלב, אם הוא לא היה מכסה את הצלב במקום כלשהו וכך גם בכותל, זה היה כואב לי מאוד על שמאפשרים לו להתייצב ככה מול הכותל המערבי אבל לא הייתי בא בטענות לרב הכותל הרב שמואל רבינוביץ, הוא היה בודאי טוען כי אין בכוחו לעשות כאן דבר.

    אבל כשמצאנו כי הוא כיסה את הצלב בהר הבית בשל כבוד למוסלמים ואף כיסה את הצלב כשהוא היה מול פני הרב שמואל רבינוביץ ומול הציבור היהודי שם, אבל כאשר התייצב מול הכותל המערבי שם הוא היה עם הצלב ושמואל רבינוביץ לא הבין כי עליו היה למחות מחאה גדולה? מפני שיש בכך חילול ה’ ופגיעה קשה בכבודו של קודשא בריך הוא, כאילו על כבודו של רב הכותל צריך לכסות את הצלב אך על כבודו של הקדוש ברוך הוא כאן זה לא משנה כלל, זה מעשה שחייב לזעזע כל יהודי

    אם הייתי שם לא רק שהייתי מוחה בכל כחי, הייתי קם ועוזב את המקום תוך גילוי דעת, כי כבודו של הקב”ה קודם לכבודו של רב הכותל-שמואליק, ואדרבה, לכסות היה צריך גם כאן וגם כאן, אי הצבת תנאים מוכיח כי משהו חולה מאוד בכח היהודי. המוסלמים הציבו תנאי קודם למעשה שאם הוא בא להר הבית עליו לכסות את הצלב והוא אכן עשה כך, ואילו בכותל המערבי מותר לו לבא עם צלב על דבר שכזה ציפיתי שנשמע קול מחאה

    אני כאן מוחה מחאה גדולה:
    אני רואה בזה מעשה חמור חילול ד’ ופגיעה קשה וגסה בקדושת המקום ובקב"ה, ואעיר כאן לרבה של הכותל, בתפקיד שלך יש הרבה רגעים לא נעימים, ואם אתה רב אמיתי היה עליך להוכיח זאת כאן, כשלא נעים, זה היה מרים אותך ומוכיח כי אתה ראוי לתפקיד, להתחנף להתרפס לשחק מה יפית בפני מבקשי נפשנו בפני עבודה זרה, ככה נהגו מי שגרמו שאלפים ורבבות הובלו לשחיטה.

    וידוע לנו שאתה (שמואליק) הוא זה שרוצה ששליטת "מירון" דהיינו מקום הקדוש של הרשב"י שיעבור למדינה הטמאה - מדינת איזראל ר"ל, לעשות דבר כזה שייך רק לערב-רב. וד"ל

  3. What's going on right now is incredibly disturbing. Probably we don't even realize how bad things really are, that this is just the tip of the iceberg poking out. This is just the part that they can't manage to hide from us.
    It's chilling to wonder who might be guiding the Pope; the message is clear that the Pope is not acting on his own ideas -- which still doesn't absolve him as he is complicit.
    And talk about selling everything -- l'havdil, Tnuva was just sold to the Chinese, which creeps me out.

  4. First anonymous, try this...

    The Jacob Esav Rivalry

    You can't really understand what is going on in the world unless you know these principles.

  5. the episode of the pope lecturing netaniahu about Aramaic kinda made me sick, the "king" of Israel being corrected by an idolater. Should have never sat with him.

  6. Dassie, that's a very interesting observation, and I would like to read more of your thoughts on just that.

  7. Thanks, Neshama. The truth is, I don't have many more thoughts about the whole thing, except Erev Rav and Amalek, and whatever else Chazal predicted about the time before Mashiach -- as foretold, the world is starting to invade & battle Jerusalem, but not in the way we expected. It is a propaganda war (a war on truth, in other words), an economic war, a war on the mind and the soul. Being forced to drink a cup of poisonous confusion, as the Navi says.