"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

18 May 2014

Binyamin: "He has concealed death forever..."

Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5774

"He has concealed death forever, and the Lord God shall wipe the tears off every face, and the shame of His people He shall remove from upon the entire earth, for the Lord has spoken." (Isaiah 25:8)

Chodesh tov to everyone. There should be, b'ezrat Hashem, good news for all Am Yisrael and the world, but the coming months will bring us very difficult things. And in order to get through this - we need to get stronger, we must get stronger, we must get closer to Hashem and throw away all the unnecessary materialism and come closer to the truth. We must. This is the 'antibiotic' to total destruction, Hashem should protect us. Because this is the single thing that can save us.

We already said how important this is, the most important thing - our connection with HKB"H. And that we need to return to Yiddishkeit as it once was. Closer to HKB"H. That we need to live exclusively for the sake of doing the will of Hashem, from morning til night, and from night until morning. The Jew - he has laws for every single thing throughout the day, about how he gets up in the morning, what he needs to say, how he needs to dress, everything precisely. And therefore, there is not and there doesn't need to be for us a problem with boredom or that the head goes in unwelcome directions. If we're going exactly by the Torah - that will be also with the mind, and also with the heart, and also with the body - and also with everything, then there doesn't need to be for us a moment of boredom, because we will be busy all the time, all day.

Therefore, the problem of the generation - we don't do this. We want a vacation! And  this is a "vacation" to do whatever we want. We need 'vacations' in order 'to relax' because the service of Hashem is too hard for us. And this is the problem of the generation. But, if we go exactly according to the Torah, all day, at every moment - then, we won't have any problem. Every day, at every moment - then we wouldn't have any problem.

But the world has been incredibly spoiled. The spoilage of the whole world is almost total. Spiritually as well as materially. We've spoiled the air, we've spoiled the oceans, we've spoiled what you want in nature. We decided that a person with his idiotic mind is able to be, and can, chas v'shalom, invent things greater than that of HKB"H. So, now we are paying in the most difficult way for this.

Yes, we're leading up to war. And we knew this all along. It's written in the prophets clearly. We're leading up to war, a great and fearful war. But, like we said - Hashem is the one who will destroy the evildoers, not nuclear bombs. HKB"H will take the hail from the plagues and a few other things that He has kept for them, just for this occasion, and He will destroy the evildoers. And the moment before they disappear from reality, they will comprehend that everything is finished for them.

Now, I want to talk to you about an idea I want you to understand. We've said that the evildoers will completely disappear, but all that Hashem made is good, and also the Sitra Achra, yemach shmo, which in its current form brings people, brings down the evildoers to their wickedness, and also the righteous are suffering from him, but it all belongs to the program of HKB"H, a program that will bring us to the complete redemption, and much beyond this. This will lead us to eternity. But, the matter of the disappearance of the S"A and the Erev Rav, and all this group, with the snake itself, etc, it's not that they will disappear from reality completely, but that they simply receive another form. HKB"H, so to speak, takes this assembly, disassembles it, and builds it differently, with other features, and it returns to the world or to the world to come in another form, in a positive form, in a form that won't bother us any more, so that it won't be negative, but it will be positive, that it will help us and in general, will help all of creation, to reach more and more, higher and higher, until somewhere in eternity, he will really reach his purpose. Did you understand what I said?

Answer: These are deep things from the greatest secrets of creation...

Yes, I wanted to say this to you, because you need to understand that everything that is happening to us now, it is built exactly to our spiritual needs at this moment. And also the S"A, how much a person can go down to the bottom, and beneath the bottom, and the most disgusting things - so this way, when we will pass all of This World and we will arrive to the World to Come, the world of Mashiach and beyond - Hashem will take them, redirect and reassemble them, in another form and then, they will be positive.

I only wanted to give to you a little peek at what awaits us and not to think that it's 'the last word' and that we are entering into a world that's like This World. It's not like This World. For this reason. And I want to say this to you, and to give you great hope, in order for you to understand: there is no death! There is no death! It doesn't exist!

Hashem gave death to This World, but not to The World to Come. And what is death? It is the suffering we have to go through to get to the next world. But, we're not dead! Even the evildoers are not dead! They, also, are simply going over to another world, to another task, low from us, but there is no such thing as 'death.' True, we do indeed call it 'death' what Adam HaRishon, who was the first who had to go through this because of the sin, he and his wife. And we also go through it, but if we will receive our righteous Mashiach, we won't go through it. Because Hashem will slaughter the Yetzer Hara.

And if we don't have the yetzer hara - then there's no reason to die like we are familiar with it, that the body goes into the earth, and the soul separates from it and goes to the next world for another part of our tikun. But, after the redemption, we don't have to go through this stage. Hashem will help us to continue to ascend and ascend and all we need to do is worry about doing and making efforts to do the will of Hashem, all the time, at every moment. Don't allow the S"A to pull us to another place! Because this is his job. He was sent for this. He was sent by HKB"H! Also, HKB"H agreed to give to Moshe Rabeinu, who gave permission for the Erev Rav to go out from Egypt, although He did not want it in the first place. Everything is planned.

It's not 'by chance.' Nothing happens 'by chance.' It's designed to help us go up, and up and up. And this needs to be your strength. When a person thinks about death, if he doesn't believe in HKB"H, we should never know of such, his fear must be tremendous. Because, what is a person's most threatening fear? Not being! That he will cease to be. But, if he could know for sure that only his body would go into the ground, and the soul, his awareness that what 'makes-him-who-he-is' continues to live - then, he wouldn't be so afraid!

And therefore, those who really believe, they're not so terrified of death. And those who don't believe - their fear must be tremendous. While there are indeed Jews who truly believe that the soul continues to live, and the person knows who it is who arrives above, or where is the next world, here by us, but anyway he is afraid... because, maybe not... maybe, it's not exactly like that... that's frightening...! And there are others who only fear the suffering of death, understandably, but many people who appear to be suffering a lot, the suffering is not so much like it appears. It's also for our sake, to see that a person suffers, so that we will do teshuva, but not always does the person himself suffer like we think.

All this I say in order to strengthen you, so that you won't be afraid, so that you will know that we really have to return to HKB"H, to return to being a servant of Hashem, a worker for Hashem and at this moment. And not to complain that we 'hurt' or we're 'tired' or it doesn't matter what. To push and to push and not to stop. To push all the time. To use all the body and the mind, and all the essence of a person in order to do chesedTo give from yourselves to help others, to give from what you have, not to lose, only to gain. And forget This World as it is. Because it's all an illusion! Hashem put it here as a 'set' and nothing more, in order to bring us to the truth. Don't forget what I am saying and you won't have such suffering as those who are not ready to hear or to believe. End.

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