05 May 2014

Discussion with Moishela: "We Must Focus On The Truth"


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
3 Nissan 5774 (April 2, '14)

We Must Focus On The Truth

Well time seems to be dragging again. Really it isn’t but since we have gotten used to all kinds of crazy incidents in the world, when one maniac thing happens after another and it has become like everyday life, like what you would expect to happen. This is a planned operation to wear us down, planned by the Reshoim to wear us down to get us “dumbed down” and used to all kinds of things that normally would frighten us very much. However we keep going, dragging our feet, our minds jumbled more and more. We're heavy of limb and our minds are confused and I guess that’s where the term zombie comes from and definitely they are making most of the world into zombies. Hashem is letting the evil ones do their utmost important job and that is to squeeze out from every corner of the world the evil so it rises up to the top where we can see it clearly, and then Hashem will whisk it off the face of the earth like the whipped cream in a hot Milchig coffee. The thing is that all of us have become so weary that we can't even feel our spiritual side. In order to get to our spiritual side, we have to break through this terrible weightiness that has engulfed us.

We have to break away from what is happening in the world, at least for some part of the day, and come close again to reality which is our connection with Hashem. As time goes on we are going to see many more crazy things happening, things that normally we would never take seriously. For now we have to be able to disconnect from those things and strengthen the contact that we have with our Father in Heaven, and that will keep us sane, and that will keep us balanced, and that will keep us on top, not with the Reshoim, Chas Vesholom, but with Hakodosh Boruch Hu which will put us above everyone, above the Reshoim safe under the wings, so-to-speak, of our Father in Heaven. This isn't a simple job. We have to have a lot of willpower. We have to force ourselves to see the truth. We have to force ourselves to see what's real in life and what isn’t real in life. We have to force ourselves to see where our weaknesses are so we don’t get confused and we have to see where our strengths are so we can build on them in order to come closer to the truth. It's not easy. The whole world is under the spell of the evil and only a few Yidden and even a few Goyim are in any way wise to what is happening. The vast majority are not. They see evil as the devil himself, which is true, but they don’t realize that the devil himself, Yimach Shimo Vezichro, is at this moment ruling the world with Hashem's permission, taking over every nook and corner of the world, Shelo Naida.

On the other hand, Hashem has allowed a few Jews who do see the truth to stand up and say the truth, and more and more Yidden have become wise to what's happening and are coming closer and closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Boruch Hashem that this is happening, but again in order to survive we must focus on the truth and not on the lies that are found in such great numbers.

What can I say? I can only tell you again to keep your focus. All of our Gashmius, all these years of Gashmius that started from the beginning of the 20th century until now, all of these years of Gashmius that’s just gotten larger and larger greater and greater taking over most of our lives, this Gashmius is an absolute lie. It takes us from the truth that the only one that can help us in anything is Hakodosh Boruch Hu. We rely so much on the lies, the lies of who's really supporting us and who's the real doctor and so on and so forth. These lies have become so prevalent that it's understood to be the truth, but it's not the truth. We must realize that no one cures us except Hakodosh Boruch Hu and that we'll get the same doctor if we stay here or if we fly off to America. We will get the same treatment even if the doctor is nicer or not so nice. Hashem cures us and not them. We have to realize that a person can work day and night and have no Parnassa. When Hashem deems it is time for us to have Parnassa we will have Parnassa. So if we do Hashem's will and we come very close to Him, all we have to do is raise our voices high and beg Him for Parnassa, Refuah Sheleimah and for every wish that we have, for children, for Erlicha children and so on and so forth. He's the only source, the absolute source of everything. Those who trust the Gashmius are losing. They won't have this world and not the next. I beg you, Am Yisroel, open your eyes. Put the emphasis on your closeness with Hashem. Don’t be afraid of anyone or anything, just from Hashem. Be His servant always. And your eyes and your mind and your heart will always see the truth and that truth is what's going to save us because that truth is what we are nourished from. It gives us eternal life and without it we're not only dead, we're nothing, Chas Vesholom.

So all of these shenanigans that they're pulling on us these rich people who are trying to control this world, all these episodes like the plane that got lost or this so-called war in the Ukraine or whatever is happening in the world, it's only an illusion that they are creating to confuse us. The only truth is Hakodosh Boruch Hu, so ignore all the nonsense and come back to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. There are however people who say, "Right, I don’t listen to any of this nonsense. I just go about my day and ignore them. Hashem will take care of everything." However most of those people don’t really believe that. It's just easier for them to say that because it prevents them from being frightened by what's going on, and it does allow them to continue their belief in and their desire for their Gashmius. This Gashmius is way above what anybody really needs. To those people I say, better you know what's going on in the world. Better you know that the world is in danger of being destroyed, at least most of it. Better you know that we're all in danger in order that you should, besides Davening three times a day and putting on Tefillin and so on, really, really focus on the truth and that is that Hashem is a HaKol Yachol, not only about wars but also about every single thing that is in your everyday life. So again I'll say health insurance, theft insurance, whatever insurance you've got will not insure you. Your bank account might disappear. Your doctor might give you the wrong injection or whatever he prescribes won't work and so on and so forth. They're only Hashem’s messengers. Even if they're the biggest experts in their field Hashem with no effort can make them make mistakes. So get on the right side, the side of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Live your life totally in that direction and then Be'ezras Hashem we will all achieve eternal life which means growing constantly and getting closer and closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and to the truth.

I want you both, Mommy and Tatti to realize that this is very important. The everyday life besides Davening, learning, and coming close to Hashem has to be filled with Mitzvos and that’s the way we'll survive.

That’s the true reality. When a person dies, Shelo Naida, all the people that love this person are very sad. They feel they will never see him again, but they don’t know the real truth. The truth is that this person right now in this generation is only part of a Neshoma. It's not a whole Neshoma and when they get to Olam Habah this Neshoma connects with other Neshomas that they are part of, it doesn’t disappear. Just we as people are convinced we need these people, we've made certain contacts that we feel that we can't live without. We feel we can’t live without seeing them, without talking to them, but it's not true. It's not true because it's only a short amount of time until everybody is reunited, maybe not in the same form, but reunited in some way and this is the truth and when everyone comes back we'll see the most amazing things and nobody will miss anybody because everybody will be connected in the right way, not in an emotional way but in our true place in the Divine future of Creation.

I want also to give an example of Zaidy, your father. You don’t see him but he's there. He's here. Again I'll tell you the next world is very close. Zaidy, your father could be sitting right next to you. You wouldn’t even know it because the other world is not very far. However saying that, the Neshomas have to get permission to go anywhere, to come back here in any form even in a dream, because the connection between the two worlds is not allowed to be so evident at this point, until one day when the two worlds will merge into one.

I want so much that Am Yisroel should know that if we would only have Achdus, the Reshoim would be afraid of us. They are afraid for us to be one. They are afraid for us to have Achdus. They sent all kinds of people in to break us apart in every way and that itself is making them feel very great. Those biggest Reshoim that are so-called Jews who are for sure either Erev Rav or Amalaikim, and those Jews who are not real Jews, make the evil ones feel that they have made inroads through them into the Frum community, and therefore those inroads have to be shut and we have to come together as one Am with Hakodosh Boruch Hu our Creator and show the world that we are with Him.

Here in Eretz Yisroel the Chareidim are close to one 1/4 of the population, which no one wants to admit to on the other side, and they're trying their best to split us up in every way. We have Askonim between us that are getting paid to split us up, to raise the level of the hatred between one Jew and another. If we would all come together, really, and say no to them and all decide that we are going to break away from them, they would have no strength against us because we are great in numbers in Eretz Yisroel, and if we are also close to Hashem no one could do anything to us.

In Chutz Laaretz it’s the same. If there would be no Machlokes, and all the Yidden would do Ratzon Hashem and beg Him to save us, then everything would be different. But since we are weak and we let this happen then I'm afraid for Am Yisroel and I don’t know how many will be left at the end to receive Moshiach Tzidkainu.

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  1. This is beyond profound, it's other worldly. I talk to all kinds of people, regular and brilliant, and none grasp a fraction of the truth about world affairs that this guy expresses. Just the emphasis on mitzvos as well as Torah study is so rare today. That he understands that the world is run by evil people - few have the courage to face this.