13 February 2024


5 Adar Alef 5784

"AK" left the following comment:  "How convenient that a week after the Argentinian president visited Israel, 2 Argentinians were rescued. More gaslighting of the public."

For the uninformed, let me add a few more pieces to this puzzle...

Javier Milei (born October 22, 1970, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a confrontational right-wing outsider who rose to the presidency of Argentina in 2023 on a tide of voter dissatisfaction with a political elite whom his supporters blamed for endemic hyperinflation, a currency in free fall, and increasing poverty. A libertarian economist who describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist, Milei first came to national prominence as a flamboyant television pundit and outspoken critic of the country’s ruling class. His brash personality and antiestablishment approach brought comparisons to former presidents Donald Trump of the United States and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil. (Source)

On 6 February 2024... 

Argentinian President Javier Milei landed on Tuesday in Israel, where he announced that he would be moving Argentina’s embassy to Jerusalem. Milei, who made Israel the destination of his first bilateral visit since he assumed the presidency in December, had pledged to make the move during his election campaign.

Milei’s personal rabbi, Shimon Axel Wahnish, joined the former economist on his visit, and is expected to become the envoy.

While Milei is not Jewish, he has expressed an interest in Judaism and has talked about potentially converting to the religion.

He studies with Wahnish in Buenos Aires, has quoted Torah passages in rallies, and walked out on stage for a campaign event to a recording of a shofar.

On his first trip abroad after winning the election in November, Milei visited the tomb of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, in Queens, New York. (Source)
On 12 February 2024...

...The 60 minutes they spent speaking privately was significantly longer than usual for a meeting between the pope and a head of state, especially considering that no translator was needed between the Buenos Aires natives. Pope Francis’ meeting with the president of Tanzania earlier in the morning, by comparison, lasted only 25 minutes.

Although the Vatican did not share the content of their conversation, edited video footage shows the pope and the president having a friendly conversation and sharing a laugh.

...After his meeting with the pope, the Argentine president met with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state, and Archbishop Paul R. Gallagher, Vatican foreign minister, with whom he discussed the new government’s plans to address the economic crisis in Argentina and ongoing global conflicts, the Vatican said.

...Milei is a Catholic, but he has publicly expressed his interest in converting to Judaism later in life. (Source)

From the moment he descended from a chartered El Al plane in Israel, wearing a “Bring Them Home Now” dog tag to advocate for hostages held by Hamas, Argentinian President Javier Milei was embraced by Israelis.

...it’s not his eccentric style or economic policy that endeared him to Israelis – his great enthusiasm for Judaism makes him unique on the world stage, and his government has been called one of the most pro-Israel in Argentina’s history.

Milei was raised Catholic, but has long studied Torah “from the point of view of economic analysis” and is considering converting to Judaism, though he said that observing Shabbat while being president could pose a challenge. He often entered campaign events to the sound of a shofar blowing, and he spoke about the Maccabees during his inaugural speech, which took place on Hanukkah, with Israel’s then-Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and relatives of Israeli hostages kidnapped to Gaza present.

...With some kibbutzim near the Gaza border having large Argentinian populations, going back decades to a wave of immigration to Israel in light of the military junta of the 1970s and economic crisis of the late 1990s, over 20 of the hostages Hamas took on Oct. 7 hold Argentinian passports. Eleven of them remain in Gaza, including, most famously, Shiri and Yarden Bibas and their redheaded sons Ariel, 4, and Kfir, 1.

Milei met with several groups of Argentinian citizens released from captivity and hostages’ relatives. The Argentinian president cried again during his visit on Thursday with President Isaac Herzog to Kibbutz Nir Oz, where one-quarter of the residents were either murdered or taken hostage by Hamas. Milei saw the Bibas home and heard released hostage Ofelia Roitman tell her story.

...Milei said he would work to bring about the release of all the hostages, regardless of nationality: “There are Argentine nationals among the hostages as well, but this is a crime against humanity, and this must be redressed.”

The Power of Prayer: Hostage Release Sparks Speculation About Javier Milei’s Visit

The improbable rescue Monday of two Argentinian-Israeli hostages from Hamas captivity in Gaza has sparked speculation about the role of Argentinian president Javier Milei’s visit to Israel just a few days before, in which he prayed repeatedly in Jerusalem.

As Breitbart News reported, Milei went directly from the airport to pray at the Western Wall, or Kotel, the holiest site in Judaism. Before wrapping up his visit, he also made an unannounced, late-night return visit there, where he prayed, and danced, and sang.

Both of the rescued hostages, Fernando Simon Marman, 61, and Louis Har, 70, are Argentinian immigrants to Israel. Har was greeted by family members upon his release, including several grandchildren who were wearing Argentinian soccer jerseys.

In addition, members of the Marman and Har families visited the Ohel, or gravesite, of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, in New York just last week to pray for the release of their loved ones. (Milei visited there in November.)

Moreover, a story is circulating in the religious Jewish community about a recent event at which Har’s daughter and son-in-law spoke to an audience in Tel Aviv. A rabbi’s wife then challenged them to light Sabbath candles and put on tefillin, leather boxes worn during some prayers. The daughter reportedly promised to give a pair of tefillin to her father to use after he was released. The daughter’s family took on the obligation of lighting the Sabbath candles, as did Hur’s wife, who was abducted and released.

Such patterns have led many observers to note the power of prayer.

...Milei also visited the Vatican on Sunday, enjoying an audience with Pope Francis, at which the two reconciled past differences — just hours before the operation to rescue the hostages.

Whether you are a believer or not, the pattern is evoking great interest.

But whose "God" gets the credit???

I keep going back in my mind to the first official reports of the rescue operation... 

Special forces conducted a rescue operation at approximately 1 AM at a building in Rafah where the hostages were held on the second floor, successfully raiding the site.

Troops neutralized at least three Hamas terrorists inside the building and engaged with many more in the surrounding area.

Within an hour, the two hostages were safely extracted from Gaza in armored vehicles.

One soldier sustained minor injuries during the rescue operation.

Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, IDF Spokesman, emphasized in a morning press conference following the rescue of Fernando Simon Marman and Norberto Louis Har from Hamas captivity in southern Gaza's Rafah, stating that troops executed a "professional and precise operation," shielding the hostages from gunfire

"We successfully brought back Louis and Fernando overnight. This operation was intricate, conducted under hostile fire, relying on sensitive intelligence. It was executed with professionalism and precision," stated Hagari.

"We had meticulously prepared for this operation and were waiting for the right conditions to carry it out," he added.

Hagari detailed how officers from the police's elite Yamam unit breached the apartment in Rafah where the hostages were held by Hamas terrorists at 1:49 AM, emphasizing that they shielded the hostages with their bodies.

He reported that clashes occurred at multiple locations, with airstrikes targeting Hamas terrorists in the vicinity at 1:50 AM.

"Our troops bravely evacuated Louis and Fernando from the apartment, facing enemy fire until they reached safety," Hagari remarked.

"It was a tense and emotional night. This operation was made possible thanks to the tremendous sacrifices of both the standing army and reserve troops who fought and suffered injuries in battles. Without their sacrifice, we would not have achieved this moment," he continued.

Hagari reiterated that "even now, we are mindful that 134 hostages remain in Gaza."

"To those still held captive, if you can hear me, know that we are resolute in bringing you home. We will seize every opportunity to secure your release," he affirmed, addressing the remaining hostages.

There is a lot going on here and it is unquestionably all interrelated.


  1. Whew, thought I was the only one that smelled a rat here. Milei shows up and miraculously they find two Argentinian expats days later? Makes me feel like they knew where they were all along and just left them there until the timing and optics were right. After October 7th, I feel like everything is orchestrated and controlled by forces we dont understand and for reasons we cant understand either. Oct 7th was not merely a massive failure on the part of the government, it was allowed to happen. Of course they knew what was coming!! Nothing moves near those borders without our "government" being aware of it. They managed to turn up evidence of a phone call from the hospital bombing in record time to prove they didnt bomb it....but they somehow missed the entire gignatic slow rollout and buildup of events to October 7th? Highly doubtful!! The logical conclusion of this is that everything that happens now is a ridiculous farce played out for ulterior motives. But we are supposed to cheer and be happy and pretend like this is a big win. They announced that three more chayalim died today.... I just attended the Halvaya of another beautiful young chayal, who by all accounts was an amazing person. I am sickened by the Erev Rav that runs this government. Sickened that our lives are so cheap and worthless to the evil people that control the levers of power. And I am absolutely sick of all the fake Xian Goyim pretending to be our friends when they have an ulterior motives as well.
    Moshiach needs to come now!

    1. You are definitely not alone. Especially for the past 3 years ever since the scamdemic, I am so cynical of what goes on in this country. It is heartbreaking how these chayalim are being used as karbanot, but reassuring to know that they went straight to Gan Eden. Moshiach is already here, we are just waiting for him to be revealed.

  2. President Milei also at Yad VaShem gave a speech in which he looked forward to building the Third and Final Israelite Temple of Jerusalem. In his speech, President Milei cited the story of Rabbi Akiva and the fox [The World's Jew and Israel Haters are having a nervous breakdown about this: https://southfront.press/javier-milei-plays-the-apocalypse-the-argentinian-president-wants-the-construction-of-the-third-temple-of-jerusalem/]

  3. Private to the Killians: One of your links did not go anywhere, the other was rejected due to the source.

  4. בס"ד
    Commenter "Nothing" raises some very valid points. It seems to me also that much of the current events, domestic and international, are flowing along according to a pre-conceived script, almost surreally.
    We are without doubt being played like a stradivarious, but the tone deaf cannot understand it and the sheep simply follow the piper.

    On another note, I have attempted unsuccessfully to comment on several other postings and I have a gut feeling that commenters are being censored, rejected automatically, based on topic or certain words. Or maybe just certain commenters. Maybe you could use another platform and eliminate "go-ogle" from the equation. It is just a see eye ay spy op from its inception. i have seen the tender. Just a suggestion.


    1. Stingray, I wish you had emailed me with the problem. I stopped receiving automatic notifications of comments from Blogger and that resulted in a bunch awaiting moderation indefeinitely until I understood that notifications were no longer forthcoming. After reading this, I thought about it and then wondered to myself if your lost comments could have been routed to "Spam" and lo and behold! Over 800 comments in Spam including many of my own which I did not even realize had not been published!! I'm going to start sending them through although most will probably never be seen now, but I will know to check that folder from now on. You are correct that they are likely using some kind of algorithm to sort certain comments out as "spam." Worked, too! :-(

  5. I was told that google oversees everything even if you go to other sources and you think that they're not being reviewed but they are, all google.
    Excellent comments, especially CFS & AK's reply. And the rest, all of them. Not all people are stupid but they eventually will catch on, even if it takes a while.

  6. בס"ד
    ooops, sorry D!!. I didn't think to email it, I wasn't sure that the comment would even post. I think I had a run of 4, or 5 that didn't.


  7. THIS IS THE REASON THE HOSTAGES WERE SAVED!!!! (Like that first soldier girl - the only other rescued - not traded - hostage.)

    Promised To Light Neiros, Son-In-Law Began Putting On Tefillin