14 February 2024


5 Adar Alef 5784 

We are not the same people that we were before. This is something larger than everyone. And we need to acknowledge the fact that we cannot go on the way it used to be because the challenges we have are different, the army we need is different, therefore we need to draft the charedim. This is the number one priority now.”
As they told us in the very beginning, "This is Israel's 9/11." And we all know how that turned out. It was used as an excuse to do a lot of things the public would never have approved of before it happened.

The following comes at the end of a long statement from the IDF Chief of Staff yesterday...
"In these challenging times, one thing is very clear - everyone should do their part to protect our home. This is a different time, and prior realities should be reexamined. We are currently promoting immediate enlistment solutions in order to fill our ranks in light of the ongoing fighting. More of this will be required in the future.

The IDF has always sought to integrate all parts of Israeli society among its ranks. This war demonstrates the need for change. To join the service, to protect our home. We have a historic opportunity to expand the IDF’s recruitment sources at a time when the necessity is very high. We will know how to produce the solutions and the right conditions for every population that will join this noble mission.

The IDF, as the ‘people's army,’ is up for the task."

 The agenda from the very beginning has been to terrorize and traumatize the Jews in Israel into capitulation and assimilation - whittle down our land, flood us with goyim, and destroy authentic Judaism (more on this coming soon be"H).

Is that supposed to be tefillin on his left arm?  A nod to Jewish identity?  Yet empty of the essential box holding the scriptures (as well as the head tefillin missing).  This is just one of a few depictions of "Israeli Super Heroes" going around.

I'd just like to point out who is wearing the cape...

Of course their diabolical plan will not succeed, but we still have to be aware of what's happening.  And RESIST!!!


  1. Yet again, you hit the nail right on the head.

    Read "assimilation," and not "integration."

    The Haredi Draft Issue Has Never Been About The Haredi Draft

    Special status for foreign workers, infiltration from Africa since 2012, Ukrainian "refugees" all serve the same goals, to destroy Jewish sovereignty over the Land, and the Jewish People as a whole from within.

    1. A while ago I calculated the Jewish vs everyone else population increase, via births and immigration. Jewish births are at about 75% of the population, yet overall population increase is near parity for 'others' vis a vis Jews, because the vast majority of immigrants are not Jewish, not by any stretch of anyone's imagination.

  2. Lapid and his Anti Torah and Anti G-d Eruv Rav cohorts are the biggest threat to Eretz Yisrael. Notice how he did not even mention that supposedly there was record Charedim enlistment right after Simchat Torah massacre and more Charedim have contributed to the war effort and joined the Achdut like never before. But of course he conveniently forgot to mention that. You hit the nail on the head, part of their plan is to continue the perpetual state of fear in the country and then start blaming one part of it for not doing enough. Even many of the commanders in the army have said they don't want or need the Charedim, and many secular Jews have been refusing to serve but that never gets reported. However, we know that Hashem has other plans and they won't succeed.

  3. Have to give a Yasher koach to AK, seems to give exceptionally good,
    meaningful and informative comments. Why can't every normal Jew
    see the situation the same way? Common sense!
    The problem is that all the heads of different depts. in the gvt, the wicked s,c, and especially the heads, upper echelon, the generals are the real problem. They are using the holy soldiers as fodder, c'v, for their evil plan of deJudaizing the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.
    The IDF have previously said many times they don't need nor want
    the chareidim, in the army. The army is the best way to indoctrinate
    young people, c'v, to assimilate, etc. People cannot be that stupid &
    not realize what is going on. But, Hashem is in control and our enemies within and without will NOT succeed.
    The country needs normal thinking leaders; and that's what makes all that 's happening so obvious which is - 'the destruction of sovereignty and c,v, eradicating Judaism'. Their plans will all FAIL - Utzu eitzah v'sufar, dabru dover v'lo yakum, ki imanu Kel'.