12 February 2024

"Israel Held hostage by the Families of the Hostages?!"

3 Adar Alef 5784 

Grand finale!  Israel held hostage by the Families of the hostages?! | Rabbi Richter


  1. I didn;t watch the video yet; but want to say that these families are of
    the same mind as those protesters to the court reform and they have one agenda. May H' have mercy on these hostages, but it is wrong
    to continue with this disaster because even according to Halacha, the
    nation (majority) rules. The price is too high and we cannot allow the
    beasts to feel they are c'v, in control and dictate the rules. Too much time has lapsed and too much of Jewish blood shed. There
    MUST NOT be any negotiations where the pereadam murderous
    prisoners are released. Capital punishment for these present
    day Nazis should be enacted.
    To be honest, this whole scenario was obviously preplanned and I believe the protesters against the reform were afraid of losing and
    had to make sure in order not lose their power and control, they would
    even sink to such a low as to allow this whole horror to happen.
    Many of our people are thinking the same thing.
    There should not be any ceasefires, and whatever has to be
    done should be done to end this horror ending with the complete
    'end' of these pereadam nazis, yimach shmom v'zichrom.
    Our holy soldiers cannot keep on being sacrificial lambs but must
    be valiant victors - VICTORY and nothing less. NITZACHON!

  2. How convenient that a week after the Argentinian president visited Israel, 2 Argentinians were rescued. More gaslighting of the public.

    1. Thanks! See my reply in the next blog post.

    2. But...apparently the most "visible" Argentinians have NOT been released. THE BIBAS FAMILY (the redheaded family) is ARGENTINIAN! (I didn't know this until today.) See https://buenosairesherald.com/society/argentine-baby-kidnapped-by-hamas-turns-one-family-calls-for-his-release in English.