30 March 2022

Chevlei Mashiach Becoming Unbearable

27 Adar Bet 5782

Does it seem like I'm ignoring the newest wave of terror unleashed across Eretz Yisrael?  I assure you, I'm not ignoring it.  I'm what you call "processing" it, as all the other terror attacks come rushing back to mind in all their gory details.  It stays with you forever.

Ten minutes have passed since I finished the previous paragraph.  I've been trying to decide where to start to enumerate the attacks still fresh in my memory even after 25 years, but I can't do it.  I could probably talk about it, but I can't write about it.  That's all I have to say right now on this subject.

List 2000 - 2021.


  1. see the hakdama of sefer chafetz chaim:
    ויתן להם ארצות גוים ועמל לאומים יירשו בעבור ישמרו חֻקיו ותורותיו ינצורו
    תהילים ק"ה פסוק מד מה
    The reason we got the land is in order we should be separated from the nations and be able to devote our lives to avodas Hashem without influences from the nations.
    And if we are not on that level the Thora tells us ולא תקיא הארץ אתכם בטמאכם אתה כאשר קאה את הגוי אשר לפניכם
    ויקרא יח כח
    how will that happen ?
    ויצא האמרי הישב בהר ההוא לקראתכם וירדפו אתכם כאשר תעשינה הדברים ויכתו אתכם בשעיר עד חרמה
    דברים א מד
    what means they will pursue you like the bees ?
    says Rashi, like the bee after he stings he dies so too the אמוריים died after they attacked the bnei yisrael.
    These terrorist know they will die and still they attack us, why ? because thats what the Thora tells us, "they will pursue you like bees",
    The Holy land cannot stand for טומאה and is readying itself for Moshiach's coming,

    1. May Hashem yitbarach bless you abandonly היום and His message and His Voice enters into deaf ears

  2. I hear you, Devorah Chayah. I probably remember a lot of the same set you do, but I was in hu"l for more of them than you were. I was watching from afar.

  3. And what do the police do?

    Arabs Attack, Israeli Police Stop and Check Jews

    Police were also going after Jews protesting at Yitzhar.

    1. My son is in Netzach Yehuda and he says a lot of those policeman are Arabs...specifically in the border police and they hassle the soldiers when they can...wolves in sheep's clothing

  4. It becomes worse when you read this - (in Hebrew) -

  5. Go to the link : List 2000-2021 provided above. Is the Israeli gov. page. Have a look top left on the "ISRAEL" next to the menorah sigh of the state. It's the same ministry who puts the list of the victims (because they love memorials for politics) next to their abominable pervert proclamation of the apostasy and hate towards Hashem and our Torah. Actually like that, they desecrate the memory of the martyrs. My suggestion is to organize a respond through the "CONTACT US" of the ministry page and break their ears, that as long as they turn their backs to Hashem and His Torah and they continue to lead the nation into the apostasy and abomination, the list (has veshalom) will continue to grow...and the blood is upon their hands and we pray that Hashem will repay THEM and bad will not come upon those Jews who fear Him and love Him.

  6. The great purpose of all these attacks is very clear to those who are already really awake.

    They want to train the public consciousness in the need of camera surveillance + artificial intelligence. They want to start running the infrastructure they have built over the past year and a half. They worked very hard to place the cameras everywhere, and invested billions in artificial intelligence. And now all they have left is just the legal training to prepare the population consciousness.

    The attacks will result in an immediate need for legislation to operate the equipment they put on our streets in every corner, and that's it.

    The public opinion that is being built is that terrorism must be eradicated and therefore the special means of artificial intelligence must be used.

    All of these attacks were not deliberately thwarted. Something that has been done to this day. Until today, such attacks were easily thwarted, and today terrorist attacks are necessary, so the terrorists are being released to do as they please. Everything is so transparent to all who know their plan.

    with the new wave of "terrorist" attacks, they will have an excuse plus public backing to get the legal ok to turn on all the Al and facial recognition sh#t that has been installed all over the place. Gotta stop terrorism, right!

    1. I've got some unfortunate news for you...we dont live in a free republic Israel is a police state..they are already doing that and probably worse...case in point spying on Netanyahu through his phone...you can power off your phone and they can still eavesdrop remotely. Privacy is a thing of the past. This is a different but equally horrifying agenda..they want to condition us to be afraid and dependent on the govt as if its the only thing standing between us and the rampaging arab hordes...so every once in a while they have a war or a flurry of terror attacks ...just to keep us plebs in line. Same idea with the plandemmic...frighten into silently accepting the jackboot on our neck.