27 March 2022


25 Adar Bet 5782

How can you not hate the United States, the worst control freak and meanest bully on the world stage?  Pretending to be our "friend and ally," they are absolutely bent on our destruction as a sovereign Jewish nation.  I hate them with a passion and I'm not ashamed to say it.

There are too many reasons to list.  Hamevin  yavin.

I forgot to say hypocritical, self-righteous and downright evil, too!!


  1. Shavua Tov, Devorah !

    You are absolutely right!

    I agree with you.

    Am Israel Chai!!


  2. Agreed. If I hear another rabbi calling it an uma shel chesed, I'll scream.

  3. IMO Trump did a very good job. What Jews must understand, though, is that his job was to look out for the American people, protect them, and aid their economic growth. The interests of Jews and Israel had absolutely nothing to do with his job.

    See for yourself, as exposed by Jerusalem City Councilman Arieh King. Oh and, Trumps Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, Yoel Chaim 'Jared' Kushner, talks about all Muslims welcome to visit the Al-Aksa Mosque (Har HaBayith / The Temple Mount).

    Why are Jews so Surprised by the Land Giveaway in President Trump's Deal of the Century?

  4. First someone has to be corrupt enough to make these deals on this side. Takes 2 and everyone has their price. The Israelis have made their pacts and deals and it started a long time ago with the first children they sold for experimentations. Children for money.

    1. Who do you think hand-picked and bankrolled the politicians who, after attaining their offices, then carry out their US master's bidding???

    2. Devorah - you can peel an onion and there will be another layer and another layer and you'll have to peel for a long time to reach the core center. The same is in this situation - this is why beaurocracy was invented - so that people will never know *who is in charge* and *who is to blame* and they'll spend their time scratching their heads trying to figure things out. The crux of this matter is that the enemy is Amalek - and its headquarters are in Rome and its minions are in Israel and all over the world - they have been selling flesh for money for a long time. Now its DNA. Wherever you think you've got a name, it'll be a puppet.