03 March 2022


30 Adar Aleph 5782
Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet 

Smart Jews have to be asking themselves why Israel, Jews and Holocaust imagery are being so prominently and persistently featured in a war between Russia and Ukraine.  Smart Jews have to be wondering if we are being set up for something awful.  It's just too weird.  

The President of Ukraine, who tried to play down his Jewish origins prior to this, has suddenly come out as Jewish in a big way.  Not only has his Jewish identity (such as it is) been trumpeted around the world, but now, he seems to think it entitles him to pressure Israel publicly to do the "Jewish" thing and trade him military arms to fight Russia while accepting in return any number of non-Jewish Ukrainians fleeing the mayhem.  He even called for Bennett to set up a mediation for peace in Jerusalem! [See further: Zelenskyy: “Jews Around The World Must Protest Against Russia”]

Yesterday, the whole world seemed to erupt over the Russian 'atrocity' of bombing a Holocaust memorial.  The "Jewish" President of Ukraine hysterically declared that the victims were being murdered all over again.  And, of course, all the Jewish organizations had to weigh in.  But, guess what?  IT NEVER HAPPENED!!  An Israeli journalist on site has confirmed that the memorial remains intact and untouched, but no retractions are in evidence in any other media!

Then, there is the way the US has publicly pressured us to take their side against Russia and to demand that we vote their way at the UN - not once, but twice!  And then publicly praise us, not just for our cooperation, but apparently for going above and beyond what was required and encouraging others to follow suit - not that I believe for a moment that such was the case!

I'm not even going to get into the issue of the Jewish Oligarchs - criminals all - and their part in all this.  Just what the world needs to know right now, how many millions of the public's money has been stolen and transferred to Jewish interests:  "Russia’s Jewish oligarchs and their donations come under threat of Western sanctions amid Ukraine war."

I fear we are being set up for something; therefore, I urge my fellow Jews everywhere to be prepared.  Increase Torah, mitzvot, tzedakah and acts of chesed.  Do real teshuvah! And pray!!


And May All Their Schemes Against Us 
Return Upon Their Own Heads 
As in Purim Past

If you missed this earlier among the mass of war news, here is the latest timely shiur from Rabbi Richter...


  1. "When Zelenksy declared that he was going to be a part of the 2019 elections, he received backlash from other Jewish people in Ukraine.... His critics were afraid. A Ukrainian rabbi, Shmuel Kaminezki explained, "They said, 'He should not run because we will have pogroms here again in two years if things go wrong.'" Still, the backlash was unexpected because religion was hardly discussed during the elections. Furthermore, Ukraine had a Jewish Prime Minister in 2019, Volodymyr Groysman. However, according to Kaminezki, certain members of the Jewish community were terrified of attracting attention. The rabbi explained, "They thought that if it is too big it will just cause antisemitism." 


  2. Whoever doesn't get it yet, won't or just never learns or thinks.
    This whole mess the world is in is all 'theater' because all the world leaders are playing their parts and are all in on this scheme. R'l, the Jewish people today are so uninformed about most everything, meaning their Jewishness, Torah and/or even understanding the true intentions of the nations. The east and the west, Esav & Yishmael are all part of the game and the biggest prize is, of course, Yerushalayim. Soon, Moshiach will be here and that's when the big battle comes to a head all for Yerushalayim and that's when Hashem takes over!

  3. The Ukrainian President is 100% an Erev Rav and the cause of the bloodshed. He commanded all ukrainans to fight and kill all russians. By that he made every civillian to a russian target. He proudly claims 9000 dead russian soldiers within a week .... He is a full puppet of the evil anti G-d agenda. What jewushness does he have?

  4. It is indeed bizarre and highly suspicious.

    Latest A7 main headline: Zelenskyy says Bennett not supportive enough of Ukraine.

    Their brazenness is astounding. They hailed their WW2 record to put the onus on us to receive refugees who have already found refuge, when they were the ones murdering us. How did the ambassador manage to say that with a straight face? Ditto, Babi Yar. What a cynical manipulation of the Shoah.

    It definitely feels that we are being set up. Chalila, I can see the Ukranians and the Russians making up and turning on the Jews, chalila. The Ukranian will say it was Zelensky and Israel, Putin's excuse will be it was the oligarchs.

  5. Now look at this for a headline: How Zelensky Gave the World a Jewish Hero

    1. It is...he's an actor. Everything feels wrong about this. Its all a big lie ...like 9/11...an elaborate production to create a narrative with an objective in mind.
      9/11 was a globalist event engineered by the deep state actors in the US government with help from globalist partners worldwide...those planes did NOT bring down the 2 towers...it was a controlled demolition and Osama ben Laden was a shill and a prop for the whole thing...this has the exact same feel...an elaborate production to gain some leverage or traction over something...question is what exactly

  6. It is absolute chaos and only will get worse. Chaos.

  7. This article, from a British journalist who spent time in the Crimea in 2010 is well worth the read.


    "I know that Ukraine's current government, now treated as if it was almost holy, was brought into being by a mob putsch openly backed by the USA in 2014.

    I know that the much-admired President Zelensky in February 2021 closed down three opposition TV stations on the grounds of 'national security'. They went dark that night. I know that the opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk was put under house arrest last year on a charge of treason. Isn't this the sort of thing Putin does?

    I know that Ukraine's army has used severe force against Russian civilians in the Don Basin since 2014."

    "The schools were promoting a national hero, Stepan Bandera, who Russians strongly disliked and regarded as a terrorist."

    Who was Stephan Bandera?

    The Ukraine is definitely being white-washed/Jew-washed in the media, presenting itself as a democratic, tolerant, innocent country.

  8. From A7 headlines
    "Ukraine official: Israel withholding defensive equipment
    Diplomatic adviser to Ukraine's Pres. Zelenskyy lashes out at Israel, then demands the Jewish state be 'more active' in brokering efforts."

    This is a concerted Ukranian PR onslaught against Israel. Let them ask Honduras and Papa New Guineau, they have a similar population to ours, and much less problems. Why us?????

  9. When you're cringing watching the Bent going to the Poot to act as *mediator*. How stupid a move to put yourself and THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL in the middle of this insanity.

  10. One of the things we are being set up for is to take in hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish Ukranian voters to prop up the criminal regime. (Once they leave their first country of refuge they are no longer refugees).

    Diaspora Jews who refuse to make aliya also have a part to play in this problem. EY and Am Yisrael are physical realities of genuine nationhood, not just lofty ideas. We in Israel are holding the fort for you, but don't assume that we can do so forever. Between the missionaries, arabs many of whom are here illegally, migrants and "refugees" and many "others" we are being flooded. If real Jews made aliya there wouldn't be space for all these people.

    Moshiach had better come very, very soon.

  11. Israel is planning on giving 15,000 Ukranians citizenship in this month alone and building 12 new towns in the Negev for "hundreds of thousands" to come, whilst the UK has given 50 Ukranians visas, not citizenship to stay in the country. This war has been an absolute gdsend for this government and they are taking full advantage of it. It's possible that the centre-right will never again be able to gain power. If you are a Jew in the diaspora and think that Israel is a place that you will always be able to go to, you may very well be mistaken. As we speak others are continuing to take your place. Simple facts.

  12. Our only hope is the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu. The State of Israel is already inundated with goyim and is trying to take in more, r'l. The State is the same globalists as the rest of the western world. This war being waged in Ukraine is between western xtianity and eastern xtianity. The globalists are the most dangerous to all of humanity. H' will fix it all; this ia part of the process of chevlai Moshiach to purify and cleanse the world before our Geulah Shleimah!

  13. This might seem like old news, but this story is not going away. Ukraine is intent on appropriating the memory of the Shoah.

    There is a story making the rounds, A7, yeshivaworld, dailymail, of a "Holocaust survivor" who was killed in Ukraine just now and honoured by the German parliament. But he wasn't Jewish, so by definition not a Shoah survivor. The Shoah was specifically against Jews, singled out for complete annihilation. Many other people suffered horribly under the Germans, but they are not Shoah victims/survivors.

    I'm sorry that this man suffered so much in his life, but there is something too convenient in the timing of this story coming on the heels of the row with Zelensky who tried to appropriate Jewish suffering in the Shoah, as if to say, you see we too were Shoah victims.