09 March 2022


7 Adar Bet 5782 

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Remember when I said "It's All About the Jews"?  At its core, the New World Order is Jew-hating, the kind most often associated with Nazism, but which has been with us since we first existed as a nation.  It's an unreasoning hatred that is spread to the masses by fear.

STAGE I - Pandemic: Fear of infection/death, loss of or separation from loved ones, loss of income

Global Trends in Conspiracy Theories Linking Jews with Coronavirus

Tech boss calls COVID-19 a "deadly Jewish plot"

'Jews Control Chinese Labs That Created Coronavirus': White Supremacists’ Dangerous New Conspiracy Theory
Unfortunately, the fact that Jewish names appear prominently along the 'food chain' lends credibility to the claims.

 - World War
: Fear of annihilation, famine, apocalypse, suffering for generations to come.

Anti-Semitic Flyers...Blame Jews for 9/11

September 11 2001: The hate that will not die

With the whole world following the antics of the "Jewish" President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as well as PM of Israel Naftali Bennett's excursion to mediate between Russia and Ukraine, not to mention the international debate about how much and what kind of "help" the Jewish State should offer to Ukraine, the influx of refugees and how many non-Jews will be accepted, how long do you think it will be before another conspiracy starts?  When the situation devolves and others are dragged into it and the worst of our fears begin to come true, how long before it all becomes a Zionist plot to benefit the Jews or to get the goyim to kill each other off so the Jews can take over and rule the world???

And how much more so, if a nuke goes off over New York City during WWIII or an EMP is brought upon America by Iran about whom Israel has been inciting the US to war for decades now?!!

The Powers That Be will be the first to point out that it has been "The Jews" all along who have been the cause (either directly or indirectly) of all the wars and all the world's problems.  It won't be much of a stretch to go from there to the conclusion that as long as Jews continue to identify as a separate set-apart entity, whether it is in a ghetto or synagogue or in a country of their own, there will never be peace.  The Jewish State must cease to be as such and instead will become a state of all its citizens and stop preferential immigration for Jews.  Palestine must be established on the "Biblical" lands so as to distance the Jews further from their national narrative and Jerusalem must be internationalized and considered as a city special to all of humanity equally.  God forbid a thousand times!!!

You see, it's not just all about the Jews - it's all about getting rid of the Jews and getting the whole world on board with it.  Maybe, maybe, they plan to allow us to continue to exist as Judeo-Christians.

TROUBLING: Missionaries Planning Mass Conversions for Jews Fleeing Ukraine

Despite how it looks on the surface, this is not about Ukraine or Russia or NATO or even Iran or China.  This is Amalek's War to Exterminate the Jews by whatever means it can be achieved. 



  1. https://pagesix.com/2022/03/08/gigi-hadid-ripped-for-comparing-conflicts-in-ukraine-palestine/

  2. Pretty much accurate. The Ukraines are the new underdog, the new *Palestinians*. Forget history. Forget the bloodshed. Forget the holocaust. They are the new favorite victim.

    This article is a good one - https://forward.com/news/462916/nazi-collaborator-monuments-in-ukraine/

  3. There's more.

  4. https://www.amny.com/news/new-york-city-crime-rises-by-staggering-58-7-in-month-of-february/

  5. Replies
    1. The worst attack ever against American Jews was on the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht (by the Hebrew date, i.e. the real one).

      That was the wake-up call for American Jews to get organised and get going.

      Two years later there was an attack by the last remaining shul in Vienna to survive WW2, also on the Hebrew anniversary of Kristallnacht.

      Eighty is the numerical value of the Hebrew letter pey,
      Before 5780 Rav Anava said that he hopes the geula will come before then and quoted ואם בגבורות שמונים שנה, chalila that it will come with gvurot.

  6. The typical american jew is rooting for the ukranians, as they have no idea or knowledge whatsoever of history and have no interest to know, r'l.
    We just pray that Moshiach is very, very close and our redemption comes with mercy.

  7. When I see how much the Russians are hated now because of the massive US propaganda, it will be very easy to do the same against the Jews. The average goy will be happy to, at last, show freely his hatred.

  8. It all comes down to the narrative; the media has such power as to indoctrinate the minds of even sometimes the most intelligent and the educated. The TV, radio, newspapers and magazines are promoting hatred towards Russia and the new (as mentioned above by the commenters) underdog is Ukraine.