"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

29 March 2022

'Worst Perpetrators Of Atrocities'

26 Adar Bet 5782 

The days of Israel apologizing and kowtowing to the US will be over when Mashiach comes to power. He will defend Israel as this Indian representative defends his country against the world's bully.


  1. America bad. I get it. But if the alternative is Kremlin and the CCP... No, thanks

    1. Jews, in general, are not enthralled by the Kremlin or the CCP and are under no delusions about whatever dangers they may pose to us as a nation. They also do not host the largest Diaspora Jewish community in the world. That can't be said about America. That's why these posts are necessary.

      Furthermore, neither the Kremlin nor the CCP is the alternative here. The choice HKB"H has placed before us is foreign domination or sovereignty as a Torah state under the rule of Mashiach. When will he arrive? "Today, if you will heed my voice." In other words, HKB"H will reveal our righteous Mashiach when we stop rebelling against His law, when we are ready to accept the authority of God's law upon ourselves as a nation and stop following in the failed path of Western culture and stop fearing what they will do to us if/when we do.

    2. For the new global NWO empire there are not independent nations. Netaniachu sold the state to the globalists. BUT the globalists have internal problems of unity , Baruch Hashem. Their fight is who will be the head of course... China led the game and the game with the corona hoax as well, till the westerners started to accuse them about the virus, took sides with the Aussies and said NO to China about Taiwan. Putin also in the Davos meeting openly opposed to the "great reset" as the way to reach their common goal , the NWO. Here the traitors politicians, smell the coffee, but they don't know how to handle the situation, because a large part of the israeli infrastructure and land is already given to the Chinese. Read this article https://www.debka.com/china-plants-dozens-of-shell-firms-in-israel-to-prize-out-military-industrial-hi-tech/

  2. About the new terror wave against Israel.....initiated by ISIS. ISIS created by CIA for the "Arab spring" geopolitics game, as well as Al-Quida before. It's not a surprise, ISIS started to attack the Talibans in Afganistan immediately as the Americans was thrown out from there...Some days ago, the Americans "complained" because the israeli pawns tried to don't take clear side against the Russians, and Blinken came here to put the things straight....Suddenly , ISIS statred operations in Eretz Israel.....May Hashem take revenge against the enemies of His people...

  3. efraim: Your comments are spot on. Because of the evils of the leadership who are and have desecrated the Land non-stop, terror again has risen its ugly head. We pray for our Goel Tzedek to come, hopefully soon, and all the evils that the Erev Rav have caused because of their attachment to the umot will be gone, together with all our sonim.

  4. אברך
    את ה׳ אשר יעצני, כי הוא לבדו היועץ אל הצדיק בכל יום ויום לעמוד
    בצדקו, ולא ישמע לקולן של הכחות הרעים המפתים ומלחשים, כי א ם
    לעצתו ית׳ הישרה והנכונה, ויברך את היועץ, וגם את היסורין שבאו ממנ ו
    כדי להעמידו בצדקו ולתקן את מדותיו, וז״ש: אף לילות יסרוני בלידתי . from the commentary of rabbi Moshe David Vvali on Tehilim 16:7