31 October 2021

Does He Really Know?

25 Marcheshvan 5782


Running out of people to trust.  From Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko's Twitter feed... 

(h/t "Victoria")


  1. I think someone is trying to pass of the comments you shared as from Dr. Zelenko, I do not find this in his posts. This is what I find that he wrote instead:

    ZelenkoProtocol, [29.10.21 09:41]
    [Forwarded from ZelenkoProtocol (Zev Zelenko)]
    I am a conspiracy realist

    All this information is easily proven with due diligence

    The covid shots are weapons of premeditated mass murder and destruction. They cause death, strokes, heart attacks, cancers, blood clots, horrific neurologic symptoms, and autoimmune disease

    Devolved pagans that own black-rock and vanguard use wef, Gates, Soros, and Clinton foundations to finance mass murder, forced sterilization, and tracking technology.


    Protect your children and families.

    Reject fear and isolation and put your trust in the Creator.

    God is testing us to see if we will turn only to Him for salvation.

    Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

  2. Also, the comment you posted is not from Twitter, it is from Telegram: https://t.me/zelenkoprotocol

  3. I've actually seen research from other sources (that aren't conneceted to each other in any way that I'm aware of) that have given these very same corporations as those owning and running everything in the world. At leastnow we know the name of the serpent. And anything these companies push on us, whether it be smart phones, gmo produce, vaccines etc. is for sure tainted with this evil and should be run from if at all possible.

    - The Original Me

  4. Not on Twitter. Can not verify Telegram account?

  5. Maybe he does.

    Months ago, I commented about an unusual encounter I had (this has been edited a bit since then):

    This happened to me Shabbos morning, parshas HaChodesh 5781, erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan (13 March 2021).

    The davening ended noticeably later than usual. After getting home from shacharis, I took my dogs out for a walk as I usually do, following my usual route of about 10 minutes. About halfway through, I turned the corner as I usually do...this block is short, perhaps around 40-50 meters long...it could be traversed in around 30 seconds...around the same time, at the other end a man turns the corner there.

    We met around halfway, and he started animatedly speaking to me in Hebrew. I asked him if he speaks English, and he spoke it well enough to tell me I appeared to him in a dream that leil Shabbos. I was sitting at the table in his daf yomi shiur and had...he struggles for this, making an exaggerated gesture showing lots of teeth...a big smile on my face, and emphasized it like it made an impact on him.

    We part ways. The end.

    I don't speak Hebrew, nor do I go to a daf yomi shiur, let alone his. I do not know this man, never spoke with him before, and would not be able to identify him in a lineup. He is just a man who lives in my yishuv of under 300 families.

    The way our paths went, if I left 30 seconds earlier or later, this encounter would never have taken place.

    Sometime after this, I found out about and bought the English language book "Dream Interpretation from Classical Jewish Sources," (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0881255335/) based on a classic sefer by Solomon Ben Jacob Almoli, translated by Yaakov Elman (who passed away a few years ago).

    This book has a short but fascinating treatise on dreams. However, over half the book is a comprehensive catalog of the different kinds of things that appear in dreams and interpretations culled from Jewish and goyish sources.

    Daf Yomi could be interpreted as a proxy for Torah. There is nothing specific to this in the book, but it does mention dreams involving specific books of Tanach.

    The book has nothing on "smile" or "mouth". It does, however, describe multiple dreams involving teeth. All these dreams are bad (do a Google search and you will see people have these dreams, they are greatly disturbed, and then someone dies; just like it says in the Talmud), except for one:

    "If you see your teeth grown long, it is a good sign. And Rashi says that great redemption will come."

    It could just be me, but it seems like "teeth grown long" is an apt description for what this man saw and was trying to describe. Sadly, there is no further citation on which Rashi is the source, but the translator has a reputation for extreme thoroughness, so I take it as accurate.

    The evil we are confronted with is, just like Dr. Zelenko says, more powerful than us. We are incapable of defeating it. Rabbi Mendel Kessin says that this close to the end Hashem will let evil run amok, which it clearly has, before He compels them to confess all their sins and then destroys it entirely.

  6. Dear all...

    Victoria's comment on the previous blog post referred to a different blog which featured a video from InfoWars. A visual from that video reproduced what is attributed here to Dr. Zelenko and it gave a time stamp from Twitter. Ergo, I went to Twitter to find Dr. Zelenko's Twitter feed in order to verify it from the source. I guarantee you that I took the screen shots from TWITTER (I don't even use Telegram) and it was there last night, although it is now gone, having been removed by Twitter Police.

    That said, anyone can open an account in the Dr's name and put anything out there, so there is still no way to know if it really was from him, unless somebody out there can vouch for it, or whether something else he wrote was doctored (excuse the pun) in order to put across another agenda. I don't know. The thing that most intrigued me was the following...

    I am VERY optimistic about an upcoming redemptive event that will rebalance our dark world.

    Whoever wrote it, I hope they know what they are talking about.

  7. What the tweet says about Black Rock and Vanguard are true. Check out any publicly traded company listed in the US and between them they own 10-15% of it. They are always two of the top three shareholders. What those two companies are doing with their amassed power is demonic.

  8. Devorah Chayah, the information that was posted by Dr Zelenko or somebody else comes from this video from October 1, 2021
    This is a documentary by Tim Gielen. It is on the channel of Https://www.stopworldcontrol.com
    Dr Zelenko is one of the contributors to this website.


  9. This is the latest interview with Dr Zelenko on X22 Report.
    May HaShem bless him !


  10. Dr Zelenko is a tzaddik and a Yirat ShamayimIve been following him since the beginning he receives daily death threats,has recurring cancer and many other ailments and has always continued to speak truth to power I follow him on Telegram.He speaks truth and has always conducted himself consistently as a frum G-d dearing Yid.He spoke to a Beis Din a few months ago about the dangers of giving the shot to children,he was unflinchingly honest and said if u give this shot to children u are bringing a sacrifice to Molech.

  11. Dr. Zelenko is definitely the Gibor of our times. May Hashem bless him with a complete & speedy Refuah Shleimah! May he go from strength to str3ength!

  12. New interview with Dr Zelenko on Israeli website educated-choice.co.il
    May Ha Shem bless him and give him Rafuah Shlemah !

    Positive optimistic message about the future.
    Excellent points about current situations in Israel and the world and the war on God.