13 October 2021

They Just Don't Get It!

7 Marcheshvan 5782

Jews are at the mercy of the goyim in foreign lands, but they have the chance to create their own reality in their own homeland.  That's why HKB"H brought us here.

Outcry In UK: Young Chareidi Girl Remains Unburied For 10 Days

Alta Fixsler’s Parents Lose Appeal To Have Her Die At Home

Belgian court upholds ban on religious slaughter

Heaven is not going to give up on you Diaspora Jews.  It is going to just get harder and harder for you to remain in the impure lands until you get with Hashem's redemptive program.


  1. All true, but what do the Jews of the diaspora do when the State itself if part of the diaspora world, meaning they have the same or worse draconian rules and regulations as the rest of the western world. In other words, those who don't want the samm, cannot travel or they have to take the samm tests which are probably just as bad. There must be a reason that H' has allowed it to be so for millions of our people. Many want to come up (even on their own terms and not formal aliya through the memshala) but don't have the means; many are poor, elderly, sick, c'v, and other valid reasons. We pray that this insanity soon comes to an end and we see the coming of Moshiach in a blink of an eye. H' will not abandon His people (any Yehudi neshama) at these end times. We pray that H' will sweeten the judgments for every Yiddishe neshama and the good peoplee of the earth too, with much chesed and much rachamim! Amen!

  2. What Anonymous 6:25pm said.

  3. For those who can't make Aliyah, yearning to do so also fulfils the mitzvah. So perhaps this is just a way of making as many Jews as possible yearn.

  4. Anonymous you are right theoretically, except that even then you are talking for one specific category of Jews.. and I think it is a small one.. imho.. However, what really really bothers me are the many, many other people who don't want to go and what particularly irks me beyond words that I can say in this forum are the leaders who discourage aliyah.. I feel like you live in chu'l because you don't really know what is happening here on the ground.. ok so "draconian" ..maybe but it is so much better and more humane HERE in the holy land. It is so so much better and I am so tired of people saying that it is hard or harder.. It may sound like louder barking here and Yes, its difficult, but it is EASIER on SO many levels.. and the bite is so so much more in chu'l. I recently saw a post of a family with quadriplegic making aliyah..Look, its normal people don't want inconveniences in any aspect of their life.. not even for great spiritual rewards I guess Leah R

  5. Leah, anyone who thinks, knows all that and you forgot to mention that most of world Jewry has no interest or doesn't know what Israel is to the Jewish people, so they are clueless Jews who, c'v, many times are even comopletely G-Dless. But to get back to what I wanted to say, it is not the harder life, etc. (which in many ways is easier than in living in the galut), right now, it is the insane policies of most countries that are banning people to travel normally. Until life gets to where the inmates are no longer running the asylum worldwide, there is a pause of normality and since we know every thing is m'Shamayim, H' has His Reasons.
    Mitpallilim that H' will bring every Yehudi habayitah b'chesed and rachamim!

  6. Anonymous at 4:16... Amen!!