05 October 2021

Which "Shoe" Will Drop First?

29 Tishrei 5782 

Two major events are destined to happen at the End of Days - a third world war and a global economic collapse.  It remains to be seen which one will befall us first, but clearly, we are poised at the brink of both events.  Yesterday, we looked at two major flashpoints of conflict - US vs. China over Taiwan and Iran vs. Israel in Azerbaijan with Turkish involvement thrown in for good measure.  Today, we turn our attention to the economic warnings.

From a Zerohedge article this morning...

Storm clouds blanket the entire global economy right now. In the articles I’ve written over the last ten days, I reported extensively on the following prevailing winds that are assailing all economies, and in this article and the next, I’ll reveal how our governments are actively making them much worse:
  • The fastest rise in inflation since IHS Markit began tracking;
  • Commodities now at record highs;
  • Full-blown Asian and European energy crises (in oil, natural gas and electricity) with gas lines like the 70’s;
  • Global shipping problems doing nothing but getting worse for months;
  • Developing food shortages due to energy crises and shipping problems;
  • The Fed now admitting none of this is as transitory now as they had formerly believed;
  • Persistent labor shortages well after all augmented unemployment benefits have ended;
  • The European Central Bank, Bank of England and US Federal Reserve all tapering/raising interest rates simultaneously;
  • The first time multiple central banks have moved to various levels of tightening after their economies and markets had already started to rapidly decline during a time of extraordinary CB largesse;
  • The resolute history of stock-market troubles when the Fed tapers and stock market disaster when it tightens;
  • Stock markets and bond markets both starting to shiver over the prospects of tightening now that schedules are being talked about for real, busting through recent trading ranges and levels of support;
  • Recent horrible US bond auctions with bid-to-cover levels not seen since the 2008 economic collapse;
  • The imminent removal of the Fed’s absolute control over US treasury pricing and the yield curve;
  • Risk appetite and sentiment in stocks falling for the past half year according to surveys;
  • The rapid growth of product shortages expressed by numerous businesses.
  • Relentlessly expanding shipping backups.
The governments of this world and their COVID policies and environmental policies seem hellbent at present on turning the COVIDcrisis into an all-out economic crisis, maybe even to the point of causing global economic collapse. In this two-part series, I’ll lay out some of the inexplicable things they are doing to make the crisis worse.

Don't be caught off-guard.  Prepare.  That's why we were told in advance. (Mental preparation is every bit as important as stocking up on supplies.)




  1. Georgia has just joined Turkey and Azerbaijan against Iran and Australia and Japan are backing the US and UK with Taiwan against China.

    Meanwhile, Russia and N Korea just keep launching missiles as "tests."

  2. it started thanks to Hashem...