19 October 2021

Eisav's Jerusalem

14 Marcheshvan 5782 

Courtesy of The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA)...

The overall objectives of the project are: To empower the human image of Jerusalem through cinema movies and television series whose plots take place in the city; invest in sustainable infrastructures for the development of the industry in the city; and encourage creative forces from Jerusalem to integrate in the cinema industry.

Since its establishment, the project has invested over NIS 27 million in the production of 22 cinema movies, 11 television series, and two international projects, as well as in the development of 53 new projects. The project movies have been very successful in Israel and at festivals around the world, including the Cannes Festival, Berlin, and Tokyo, and some have been candidates for the Oscar for the best foreign film.

The project looks for unique stories about little-known aspects of Jerusalem that can turn the formal capital into a city that appeals to people of all ages, where humans experience pain and seek meaning. The project encourages veteran creative forces to offer refreshing new angles through previously untold stories, encourages new forces in the field, and offers them a first screen to present their work.

JNEXT is a JDA project established with the goal of promoting hi-tech industry in Jerusalem.... As part of the project, the JDA is working to create an optimal environment in the city for the establishment, growth, and intake of groundbreaking start-up and international companies. This is achieved by providing direct assistance for companies; establishing and supporting platforms and programs that help companies work in the city; reinforcing the connections between academic institutions and industry in the city; and positioning Jerusalem on the global scene as a growing and attractive base for the hi-tech sector. 

The Bio-Jerusalem Center was established with the goal of promoting the biomed cluster in the city as an engine for economic growth. ...The Center markets Jerusalem as a biotech city in Israel and around the world, and brings together services for biotech companies active in the city.

The Old City Basin in Jerusalem has been declared a Global Heritage Site and constitutes a key attraction for visitors of different faiths who come to the holy places and numerous sites in the city.

This is all to destroy Jerusalem's main claim to fame...

 "...and the Torah will go forth from Yerushalayim." 

Within all these plans for development, no affordable housing exists.  This is Eisav's (and the Erev Rav's) vision of the city, not the one foretold by all the Hebrew prophets...

 A Holy City With the Third Temple as its Focal Point.


  1. Many of these elements would bring growth and jobs to J-lem. This can go hand in hand with a Torah life. It doesn't need to be one or the other. J-lem is already so overpriced that keeping out these companies would not change it.

    Israel needs leadership that will build and build housing everywhere.

  2. Regarding the cinema stuff, the vast majority of what I've seen is trash and anti-Torah and anti-Israel. That part I hope won't happen.

  3. R'l, this is like a continuation of the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash. This is all part of their agenda, plan, to erase Torah and Yahadut from Israel, c'v, and that's just the first part because they want it all for themselves and their avodah zora. This reminds us of the vulture whose evil goal was to destroy Torah. He was the epitome of the Erev Rav, maybe Bilam himself.
    But, fear not Yiddelach, Hashem is in total control and just waiting to undo it all. Ken yehi Ratzon! H's servant, Moshiach, will soon be here!