27 October 2021


22 Marcheshvan 5782 

In the 73rd year, all the kings of the world shall assemble in the great city of Rome. And the Holy One, blessed be He, will shower fire and hail and meteoric stones upon them, until they are wiped out from the world. And only those kings who did not go to Rome will remain in the world. And they shall return and wage other wars. During this time, the King Messiah will declare himself throughout the whole world. and many nations will gather around him together with many armies from all comers of the world. [Zohar]

ROME, Oct 19 (Reuters) - At least four leaders from the Group of 20 wealthy nations look set to miss this month's summit in Rome that hosts Italy had hoped would be an in-person event, diplomats and officials said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that he would definitely not attend the Oct. 30-31 meeting, the third leader to formally pull out after Japan's new prime minister Fumio Kishida and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Putin and Kishida have said they will follow proceedings via video link, while a spokesman for Obrador said he would send Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard in his place.

Other countries have yet to make official announcements, but a diplomatic source in Rome said Chinese President Xi Jinping was unlikely to come. There was also uncertainty over whether Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro would show up.

By contrast, U.S. President Joe Biden has confirmed he will come, with the leaders of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Korea, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the European Union also all expected.
~ ~ ~

The United States, on behalf of the rest of the world, is currently trying to prevent all Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria, while at the same time attempting to reopen a consular office to the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem, while the Erev Rav regime, which is attached to the West, is doing its damnedest to destroy everything connected to a "Jewish" state.

At the General Assembly on September 10, 2021, in celebration of its 75th anniversary, the UN announced the formation of UN 2.0"we will launch a UN 2.0 that offers more relevant, systemwide, multilateral and multi-stakeholder solutions to the challenges of the 21st century."  (See here.)

If not now, then when?????


  1. Not sure if you saw this but its really crazy.

    The Israeli government murdered the Jews in Meron

  2. Incredible,wonderful.Bimhera beyamenou!Which Zohar is it?

    1. zohar vayera: part 1, 119/1
      חלק א קיט א


  3. Murdered with a "secret" weapon that isn't supposed to be lethal, but proved to be just that. And how long have they been using it??? Israel has had its own version of this weapon for quite a while.

  4. Pope Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; Spanish: Francisco; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio (wiki)


  5. I wonder if the fire and hail that will rein down on them will be from the LaPalma volcano?

    1. It's too small and too far away, but there is a supervolcano between Rome and Naples...

      The Super Volcanic Eruption That Could Destroy Italy & Affect The Entire Globe: Campi Flegrei

      Btw, the G20 meeting starts on Shabbat and ends on Halloween (Oct 39-31). And the Roma Conference Center where it is being held is made entirely of glass, even the roof. Can you imagine stones hitting that? I shudder to think. When they leave there, they are all proceeding to Socoland for a climate change conference. That is, if Hashem wills it.

    2. That should be Scotland - not Socoland.

  6. Please post this if you can. Thank you.

    The main point is that people get offended at comparisons to what happened before the Shoah...but the psychos who run the world are still at work.


  7. Technically speaking (not to beat a past horse - may be relevant here) as it seems high likelihood that the genuine Leader of the US is not necessarily the current one in office, his abstinence will mean the true US leader will sit this one out...(and exempted)... if indeed this Zohar refers to this event

  8. Wasn't blockades put across the path in meron just b4
    There was video

  9. Warning after warning, but hey! It's not a message from the Master of the Universe - it's just human-induced climate change and we can control that!

    Medicane Apollo (Carmel) Forms, Posing a Significant Storm Threat to Italy

  10. the dating is significant but not the events on peshat without going deeper-this Rashbi btw- Geulah menas the spirit/malach of rome has joined with Yisrael. the big fish is shected- the leviathan of Moshe has elevated the conciousness of our Earth which is covered by the wtares of Yisrael as the Reb. Azulai predicted.