29 August 2018

The Next Level for the "One New Man"

18 Elul 5778

If you've read this blog for any length of time, the term "One New Man" should be familiar. But, if you happen to be new to this site, then let me encapsulate the concept for you.

"One New Man" - A foundational Christian principle that in JC there is "neither Jew nor Gentile" but all are "one" in him. According to the Greek Testament, JC came to break down the barriers and dividing walls that the Torah erected between Jews and Gentiles, and to create from the two "one new man."

Not having such great success at bringing Jews into the church, the emphasis today is on bringing the Christians into the synagogue. This has been hugely successful as the "Hebrew-Roots" movement has connected Christians worldwide with Jews, Jewish ritual, language and prayer, Israel and the Temple Mount.

Nowhere has the "fence destroying/bridge-building" been more successful than in Eretz Yisrael, as copious examples on this blog can attest. Today, the "One New Man" is created from the two who join together in common cause, whether it be common faith, common values, or common culture.

Interestingly, while the original emphasis was on converting Jews, today, it has evolved into infiltrating Christians into Jewish life in Israel. And instead of the point of contact being the Christian gospel, it has instead become Zionism. That's how the national religious public has been swept up in it, while the Hareidim by and large have so far escaped.

The first level of this strategy to assimilate the Jews was to send missionaries around the world teaching Christians about the so-called Hebrew roots of their faith and introduce them to everything 'culturally' Jewish.

The second level was to create organizations which physically brought Christians to Israel to connect them with both Jews and the Land and to create powerful and influential connections within the government itself. This level has proved to be so successful that they not only have their own lobby in the Knesset, they have interested many powerful and influential government figures from the US to make regular visits to Israel and to lobby the US Congress for their interests.

The next level has been initiated as the Christians begin to assert their "rights" to the land itself. We've actually already seen hints of this in recent times with the public expressions of some Christian organizations, especially their Knesset lobby, to approve Christian 'aliyah.' A Christian 'birthright' experience is already on offer that connects young Christians to the Land and People of Israel.

Here is one good example of this next level being put into practice...
Create The First Aramaean Christian Town In Israel

A patriotic Christian Israeli is seeking to found a city exclusively for Christian Aramaeans in northern Israel in his quest to preserve the Aramean culture and language.

Captain Reserve Shadi Khalloul is a 42-year-old Aramean Christian who is a fellow of the Philos Project, and the chairman of the Israeli Christian Aramaic Association. He also was a candidate for Knesset with the Jewish Zionist party in the 2015 elections. In an interview with The Daily Wire, he explained his dream to create his city and the progress so far.

Khalloul describes himself as an Aramean Christian and believes that modern Arameans are indigenous to the land of Israel as well as descendants of the very first Christians. He made it his life mission to preserve his people’s culture while he was in a “Bible as English Literature” class at the University of Nevada where he studied.

...“We need to build bridges through a Christian positive attitude to ask for our rights in a way to lead towards coexistence with Jews and this can come by being positive citizens of the state, defending the state, integrating into the state, and asking for our rights at the same time,” he said.

...Khalloul served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a paratrooper in 1993 and claims he was one of only five Christians to join the IDF that year. He also founded the Christian-Jewish Pre-Army Preparatory Program to prepare Christians and Jews for the IDF by giving them training and education on navigation, leadership, Christianity, Judaism, Aramaic, and the history of Israel. Of the Christian participants, he says, “I teach them about their common roots as Christians that developed from Judaism.”

Khalloul likes to speak about the historic relationship between Jews and Christians, especially over the Aramaic language — the language the Talmud is written in — and the language that Jesus spoke.

...He says the town will have a “culture center” to encourage the learning of the Aramaic language and a research center that will focus on building Jewish And Christian relations. He plans to also have a school that will “revive the spoken language of Jesus," that the town will have Aramaic signs, and that people will speak Aramaic.

...“We will have a hotel to host people and we will have a conference twice a year for Jewish-Christian relations,” he said.

...“We deserve one town as Christians,” he says. “This town would be defined as a community town for preserving the Aramaic language and people.”

Residents who decide to live in the town will have to abide by two rules, Khalloul claims. “1. We are all Israelis and equal citizens, but we will have a specification of Aramean and will be registered as Aramean. 2. Everyone must sign an agreement with the Ministry of Defense that kids must serve compulsory service in the IDF.”

...“This is the right timing to show the world that this national bill is guaranteeing a Jewish democratic state, but we are building a town for Christians. All of these people who are talking badly about this bill and calling it apartheid, it would give them a big knockout.”

“We need to help them make this their priority because it is for the good of Israel,” he added. “This is a win-win for both and a win-win for Christians in the West and the Christians who love Israel.”

...“It must be emphasized that the Jewish state is based upon the Jews as a People and not on religious law....

Khalloul says the Israeli national anthem “Hatikvah” resonates with him as a Christian. “When you say Jewish spirit —what am I as a Christian here? I was developed from Who?” he said. “Jews developed from me as an Aramaic, and then we [as Christians] developed from Judaism,” he said explaining that he believes the Jews are descendants of the ancients Arameans. “The Patriarchs and the Mothers of the Jews were Arameans starting with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” he claims.

...Khalloul says they are planning to build the town on 150-200 acres but needs $5 million for developing and planning that will last around seven years. He says he hopes that Christians and Jews around the world will contribute to his cause and make his dream a reality.
If you didn't already know, IDF service is a choice way to be accepted in Israel. The majority of Israelis feel that if you volunteer for army service, you are deserving to be included among the Jewish people (and vice versa) with full "democratic" rights, of course. Torah and halachah have no practical meaning to the vast majority of Jews living here. And, most certainly, the Christians who want equal rights will never stand for it. 



  1. "...the national religious public has been swept up in it, while the Hareidim by and large have so far escaped."

    Except that the wily Xians have chosen another route to the heart of the Haredim: monetary support of their poor, through such organizations as Bridges for Peace. This might take longer, but dig deeper into the heart of the Jewish People.

    Also: Do you think their recently-employed strategy of dressing like Haredim in order to catch their attention and speak with them is working or not?

    And I can't imagine that we really need the Aramean Xians to teach us Aramaic, as they seem to think. For the Torah scholar it is a second language, no?

  2. As soon as they are discovered to be missionaries, they have to run for their lives.

  3. The real blame lies with the leadership, gov and IDF, etc. of Israel. Where is the pm in this and his cabinet, etc. stopping this chilul H'? Where, they're all part of it; otherwise, this could never have gotten off the ground. At this pace and with no real opposition to rid the Land of these usurpers, think only H' can, once and for all, cleanse the Land of our spiritual and physical enemies! But, the Jews must do hishtadlut and unite (all factions) against this plague; otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable.

  4. Does anyone think Bibi wants to rock the boat with 300 MILLION American evangelicals? He wont lift a finger on this issue and never will.