04 August 2018

Another Kind of To'eivah in the Streets of Jerusalem

24 Menachem Av 5778
Shavua tov!

This is why Israel needs stronger anti-missionary laws...

And this is why it will never happen under the current leadership...

That missionary video was from two months ago. The one with Pence was last week. The US does not believe the official charge of spying. They believe Brunson was arrested for missionary activity in Turkey. That's why there is so much mention of religious freedom.

The same, or worse, treatment would be in store for Israel if we ever tried to really outlaw what is more like missionary harassment rather than just proselytizing. They try to force it on Jews who just want to be left alone in their own home. If a Jew can't be free from Christian supercessionism in the Jewish State, where can they?

In addition to disturbing the public peace and refusing to obey the orders of law enforcement, these missionaries filmed innocent bystanders without their permission and have now held them up to international ridicule and made them the object of obscene comments on Youtube.

Ad matai, Hashem!?