22 August 2018

"Have the Jews been Out-trumped by Trump"

12 Elul 5778

Have the Jews been Out-trumped by Trump, Rav Richter/Tapuach


  1. Greetings Devora and all good Jews !! My 16 year old daughter just told me this story she was involved with today .. Read and weep .. My daughter took her youth group to paint the cement blocks surrounding the military outpost between Elon Moreh and Itamar . The army had agreed beforehand . The girls painted 2 slogans on the cement blocks 1- am Yisrael chai 2- the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people ... The commander ordered his troops to remove #2 . May Hashem have mercy on us !!!

    --Yehudah Richter

    1. When the boys youth group of Elon Moreh heard the story about the army erasing the slogan "the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people " they were so ticked off ... A group of boys went to the army post in the middle of the night and painted on the cement blocks "we will return to kever Joseph " Lo and behold the next day the army erased it !!! Pathetic.... Yehuda

  2. Desperation is setting in with our enemies (within & without) and they're working on making Israel an internationalized country of some kind, r'l, where their one world religion will, c'v, be forced on the world. The IDF seems to be a big part of them implementing this churban. We must just hold on to emunah and bitachon in the Ribbono Shel Olam - HE will take care of it; hopefully, soon! In the meantime, it's as if the world has been turned upside down and inside out. H' yerachem!